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First VR Roshan Impresses at Midas Mode 2.0

Hotspawn Team

With so much of the BETWAY Midas Mode 2.0 game mode different from “regular” Dota 2, it’s hard to single out any one element. But from within the Localhost Arena? One of the most obvious is the VR Roshan Takeover. Because of course Moonduck Studios found a way to implement virtual reality in their event!

VR Roshan

The Virtual Reality Roshan puts fans inside the action at BETWAY Midas Mode 2.0.

There’s a VR Roshan Pit constructed off to the side of the stage where the lucky individual waits for heroes (or creeps) to wander into the pit. The first game of the tournament, The International 2013-winning Alliance with Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin as a stand-in on Meepo, featured our first VIP ticket holder controlling Roshan.

Scott “SheepEater” Ward was a true champ, punching fast and fiercely whenever anything threatened the pit. Being able to control Roshan is surely a heady feeling, especially when the Roshan upgrade is used. The upgrade lets Roshan punch even faster, as being able to smash the ground and punt heroes across the map.

Hotspawn is on site, and Gillian Linscott interviewed Ward after the first game. Check out the first thirty seconds of the interview below (full VOD to come!):

Disclosure: Hotspawn is sponsoring BETWAY Midas Mode 2.0. We will be in attendance, providing unique coverage of the event each day. Stay tuned to our site for further information!