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League of Legends

Sett, Lux, and Syndra to be Disabled in Pro Play

Zakaria Almughrabi

Three champions will be disabled from professional play beginning next week. As expected, Sett is being given some time for teams to practice and scrim around. Meanwhile, Lux and Syndra are packing some easily replicable and game breaking bugs.


Sett will be disabled for the first week of LEC and LCS. (Photo courtesy Riot Games)

When new or reworked champions are released, they are always globally banned for half of a patch or more. Sett will be no exception. While the LEC and LCS begin next week, the ban should be lifted by the time the LCK and other regional leagues start up. The LPL has also already disabled Sett for their games from his release day onward.

As for Syndra and Lux, they could technically be re-enabled whenever Riot fixes their bugs. Riot does frequently release mid-patch updates and bug fixes. The question is how fast the solutions will come in. Lux hasn’t been present in the professional meta recently, but Syndra has been a strong pick that many teams have been prioritizing. If Riot says that she will remain disabled until next patch, teams will likely take a break from practicing with her.

The LEC and LCS Spring 2020 Splits begin on January 24th and 25th respectively.