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League of Legends

LEC Broadcast to Return to Studio for Summer Split

Craig Robinson

The LEC kick off show for the 2020 Summer Split will be live from the Berlin Studio on June 12th as the league is bringing back a skeleton crew to work on the broadcast. This means that the LEC is on track to return somewhat to normal over the coming months.


The LEC reruns to its Berlin Studio after broadcasting from home during the late Spring Split. (Photo courtesy Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

The new broadcast will work on the updated health and safety guidelines operating in Germany. Staff on site is kept to a minimum with the team present working within social distancing guidelines. Riot plan to increase the staff present at the studio throughout the Summer Split. Riot even hope that press, fans, and other visitors will be able to attend the studio before the Summer Split is over.

However, teams will continue to play from the LEC training facilities online. The rules from the Spring Split still apply here. As for the broadcast, the LEC will gain some of its production value back. No more stills of casters and home gaming kit dominating the LEC broadcast team.

Furthermore, Riot Games has cancelled the Summer Playoffs in Malmo, Sweden. The city was the intended venue for the LEC Summer Finals, but the pandemic is yet to subside. Safety is still the number one concern and is what is keeping the event from happening. The Berlin team are looking at other ways they can host the Summer Playoffs, which likely means a repeat of the Spring Finals. Riot have more announcements to come shortly, but for now, this is all Riot have to share.

The LEC returns on June 12th, with MAD Lions and G2 Esports set to kick off the Split. The first week will have three playdays to get us back into action. You can read more on the returning LEC here.