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100T FBI: “[Reapered] Taught Us How To Play the Game in a Proper Way”

Dan Smyth-Temple

100 Thieves strike back at CLG after their surprising loss to the struggling team in the first round-robin, winning handily to maintain their spot in first. The breakout stars of the LCS Summer Split, all eyes are on 100T to see if their momentum can carry them to the organization’s first championship. Even more impressively, they would be the fifth organization to lift the trophy in seventeen splits. 100T’s botlane, Victor “FBI” Huang and Choi “Huhi” Jae-hyun, remain a mainstay of the team’s strength, consistently finding leads in the botlane through their aggressive playstyle.

100T FBI

FBI has made a name for himself through his aggressive playstyle. (Photo via Riot Games.)

We sat down with 100T’s ADC to discuss their revenge against CLG, the difference Reapered has made on the team, and overcoming stage nerves.

Hotspawn: Thanks for joining me, FBI! Pretty clean win against CLG today, how’re you feeling? 

FBI: Yeah I feel pretty good about that game. Obviously, a bit of a revenge match, because we did get rolled by them last time. It felt pretty good to close it pretty cleanly. I feel pretty good about it. 

Hotspawn: It’s been interesting watching the swift rise and fall of CLG. What was your plan going into that game? 

FBI: We didn’t really have any particular game plan going in. We predicted most of their draft, honestly, and drafted pretty good lanes all around, I would say. We had bot prio for most of the game, so we just stacked dragons. I’m really confident in the Aphelios Kalista matchup. I feel like the game was pretty easy. 

Hotspawn: It definitely looked that way. 100 Thieves has performed really well recently—  what clicked for you guys in the last few weeks? 

FBI: I think we, as a team, have a pretty good understanding of how to play the game to our win conditions and how to play around the enemy win conditions. A lot of that is because of Reapered. I feel like he just taught us how to play the game in a proper way, and all of us as players know how to win the game with whatever given draft. We’re all pretty consistent, so we’re playing well. 

Hotspawn: Expanding on that, what are some of the things that Reapered brought to the table when he joined the team? 

FBI: When he first came the main thing he worked on was our communication in-game. Our communication before he came was very chaotic. There were a lot of words being said but not much that was being listened to, and a lot of repeating things. Stuff like that. He came in and really helped us fix our communication, which allows us to be a lot calmer on stage and see what the right plays are in the game. It’s been really helpful. 

Hotspawn: There’s this perception that ADC players are often along for the ride, being less vocal when it comes to macro and comms. Where do you fall on that spectrum? 

FBI: I think I talk a lot on stage. Generally, [laughs] the stuff I say is kinda stupid. I get pretty hyphy on stage. The coffee kicks in, so I’ll just scream sometimes—  random stuff. I’m having fun playing on stage. I talk quite a lot, but I should probably tone it down a bit [laughs]. 

Hotspawn: Who says? You mentioned getting back on stage, though. What’s it been like transitioning back after playing remotely for so long? It must be a big change, even without an audience. 

FBI: For sure. Previously, before Covid, when I played on stage I was really nervous. I felt like I wasn’t playing as well on stage, but now I feel like after this Covid break I’m really comfortable on stage now. The very first game that I played on stage versus Immortals I was nervous and played really bad, but ever since then I’ve just been playing the game and it’s been really fun. I really hope the fans can come back soon.

Hotspawn: I know everyone’s looking forward to that, myself included. In terms of getting used to being on stage, was that just a matter of time and practice? Or did you develop some technique for calming nerves?

FBI: Previously I cared a lot about what people thought I would look like on stage— the way that I would play. I was scared of people thinking I was bad or not playing well, and now I just go in and play the game. I don’t really care too much about what the critics [say]. Even the positive things people say about me. I just play the game, that’s it. 

Hotspawn: What do you think sets you apart from the other ADCs in the league? In terms of your personal playstyle.

FBI: I’m quite aggressive, along with Huhi. Huhi is a really good support—  I would say Huhi is the best performing support in the league right now. We’re both really aggressive. The other botlanes are not as aggressive and don’t really know their matchups as well at the moment. That’s the main thing that sets us apart. I just get to play with Huhi, he’s the best support right now, so that’s why we’re better. 

100T FBI and Huhi

FBI and Huhi consistently style on LCS botlanes, scoring solokills left and right.

Hotspawn: Just a simple bot diff. Well thank you, FBI, I think that’s all I have for you. Do you have any parting words for the 100 Thieves fans out there to close us out? 

FBI: For sure. To the 100 Thieves fans, thank you for all the support. It’s been a really great ride so far this split, but we’re not going to get complacent. We’ll make it to Worlds and win the split, and hope we don’t let you down.

Hotspawn: Looking forward to it! Thanks for joining me, and happy 4th!