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Our Favourite Cards from Hearthstone Murder at Castle Nathria

Luna Meschiari

Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Murder at Castle Nathria, brings us 135 new cards to play around with. It is the second expansion in the Year of the Hydra, with one more set still to be released by the end of the year.

hearthstone man remornia living blade

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Sire Denathrius has invited his friends and enemies to a dinner party to clear up the mystery of whether he is hoarding anima or not. At least, that was the original plan. An even bigger mystery arises out of this dinner party, as Sire Denathrius himself is found dead right at the start. One of the invited guests has to be the culprit, but who can it be? 

The task of solving this daunting puzzle falls onto the players, with the assistance of master detective Murloc Holmes. Let’s take a look at some interesting cards that will help us achieve just that.

Remornia, Living Blade

This Legendary Warrior minion is one of the most unique and interesting cards in the entire set. It is a 4/10 minion for seven mana with Rush, but the most curious thing happens after attacking. 

Having attacked once, the card turns into a weapon that can be equipped by the hero. After using it as a weapon during an attack, it transforms back into a minion.

One thing to keep in mind is that Remornia’s health in its minion form is the same as its durability in its weapon form. When Remornia is in its minion form, it is prone to losing more health, while it will only lose one durability in its weapon form when used.

It is a really cool card with effects that haven’t really been seen before. How good will it ultimately become? We are just going to have to wait and see.

Prince Renathal

This card is yet again unique and never seen before. Similar to other Prince cards in the past, its effect starts before the game even begins. With Prince Renathal, you can overcome Hearthstone’s 30-card limit, as it allows for 40 cards in your deck. Not only that, you also start with 40 health as opposed to the conventional 30.

Of course, not every deck will be suitable for this card. Some decks thrive on having a lesser amount of cards, as it’s otherwise hard to find the right ones in the heat of the battle. Others could potentially benefit greatly. 

Ten additional health will also be disregardable for some, but great for others. If you want to have a Control deck, for instance, this could be a great card that is worth adding.

hearthstone mcn prince renathal

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment


This could prove to be an incredibly useful and powerful tech card, and can be incredibly effective in Wild as well as Standard. This card helps remove overpowered archetypes, as it destroys all cards in both players’ decks that didn’t start there.

As a rare card, players will be able to run two Steamcleaners in their deck. This will surely cause issues to players that want to play with decks that include Kazakusan and such cards.

Theotar, the Mad Duke

Players will have a love/hate relationship with Theotar, the Mad Duke. Players that love to use combo decks will not like it, whereas the players who want to disrupt those combos will adore it.

In addition to letting you acquire some info about your adversary’s cards, Theotar gives you the ability to steal a card from your opponent’s hand. You have to give one in return though, but you can choose which one you give away. 

Imagine the chaos of stealing and re-stealing cards when both players decide to use Theotar during their battle. Ultimately, you might even steal back what was rightfully yours.

hearthstone mcn kryxis the voracious

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Kryxis the Voracious

Kryxis the Voracious is a Legendary Demon Hunter 7/7 minion for 4 mana. Yes, a 7/7 for 4 mana. It seems to be looking really solid on paper with its stats and deathrattle, but there is a catch.

The deathrattle allows you to draw 3 cards, but as a consequence, you must discard your hand. That doesn’t really sound fair at first, does it? However, regardless of how it initially sounds, it can certainly be used to your advantage. 

Here’s an example: if you happen to have one or even two cards in your hand before playing Kryxis, you will ultimately end up with more cards. There are more benefits that can be taken and used of course, so it will be interesting to see how players adapt to it.

There are many more interesting cards in this new, 135-card set. We could go on endlessly about all the new cards and what makes them good, unique, and possibly really satisfying to play. 

Murder at Castle Nathria also includes new card types, appropriately named Locations, as well as the new Infuse keyword. This, along with new cards, will add a change of pace and new possibilities for players to explore and enjoy.