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Furyhunter Wins Hearthstone Masters Tour: Maw and Disorder

Luna Meschiari

The Hearthstone Masters Tour: Maw and Disorder has concluded! This was the sixth and final Masters Tour event of the year. Not only did players compete for their share of a $250,000 prize pool, they also looked to acquire as many points as they possibly could for the Masters Fall Championship.

hearthstone masters tour maw disorder

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Speaking of players, there were more than 400 of them, joining the tournament from over 40 different countries. As per usual, there can only be one winner, and this time around, it was the fabulous, unbeatable Frederik “Furyhunter” Møller!

Top 16

The players remaining in the final 16 were absolutely incredible. This is where the going immediately got tough, and the competition rose to another level. We saw the following matchups:


Spring VS KZGXmg

Darian “Dardarbinks” Saracevic VS WDG3woods

Furyhunter VS Meowo

holywater VS sherlock

LFBleau VS Construct

iGShuiMoo VS Gregoriusil

shuzoDS VS Leandro “LeandroLeal” Leal De Melo

Furyhunter, who had previously won the Stormwind Hearthstone Masters Tour event back in 2021, managed to beat Meowo quite easily, with the final score being 3-1. The other heavy hitter in the top 16 was LeandroLeal, the former Grandmaster. His opponents knew he wouldn’t go down easily, and to no one’s surprise, he didn’t.

Top 4

Furyhunter VS Spring

LeandroLeal VS Construct

While reaching the top 4 out of a field of 400 is a laudable accomplishment, these players had to go even further if they wanted to maximise their earnings from this Masters Tour event. Inevitably, Furhunter and LeandroLeal managed to beat their respective opponents and move onto the finals.

The Finals

Two of the most accomplished players to play the game met up in the finals. As mentioned, Leandro is a former grandmaster, and Furyhunter was looking to become just the third player to win two Masters Tour events.

Even though it looked like it was going to be a matchup for the ages, it turned out to be quite one-sided. Sensational Furyhunter has won the entire thing without even losing a game. It was astonishing to watch the power display he put on.

His overall numbers looked something like this in the end. In regards to matches, he finished with a mind-boggling 11-1 record. He was 34-10 in games, giving him a win rate of 77%.

Top Decks at Hearthstone Masters Tour: Maw and Disorder

Yet again, Beast Hunter was the most used deck in the tournament. There is a reason for this; it is really, really good. Ramp Druid, Control Shaman, and Skeleton Mage were among the most used, as well.

Surprisingly, Furyhunter opted to play with something completely different. This man took his Boar Priest deck and said let’s win it all.

Another fun fact is that there were 4 players in the top 8 who included a Paladin deck. We don’t really see Paladins that often anymore, if at all, so it was pleasant to see. Maybe we’ll get to see them even more going forwards.

This was an incredibly fun event, but we now have the Fall Seasonal Championship coming up on October 28 – October 30. There will be 16 players competing and it will be an only-online tournament. The players will be fighting for the final invites to the 2022 World Championship.

Four invitations are up for grabs, and you already know players will do anything and everything they can to get a hold of them.

The Championship is just around the corner and we, for one, are more than ready.