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Epic Reveals $20 Million Prize Pool for FNCS 2021

Scott Robertson

Cash rules everything around us, and Epic Games are looking to rule esports in 2021 with a massive cash injection into its Fortnite prize pools. Epic Games revealed the format, broadcast details, and most importantly, the new prize pool for their Fortnite Champion Series events for 2021 in a January 19 blog post.

FNCS logo

Epic Games announced a massive $20M prize pool for the FNCS 2021 (Image via Epic Games)

In 2021, the FNCS will feature a staggering $20 million in prizes, up from $17 million from 2020. That $20 million will be dispersed across four seasons; each season will award $3 million in prizes. Epic currently workshopping mid and end-of-year events that will award the remaining $8 million.

Epic also announced some gameplay changes coming to the FNCS for 2021. It was announced earlier that the standard format will be Trios going forward. It was also revealed that the entire pool will be cross-play. They’ve also added the Lever Action Shotgun, vaulted the Rift Fish and the Shockwave grenades, and removed elevators and IO guards.

There are more ways to earn money outside of the $20 million on the line in official Champion Series events. Fortnite players can also earn prizes playing in Solo Saturday events, Trios cash cups, limited-time mode tournaments, and console exclusive events.

Each season’s format will feature three open qualifiers that will widdle down the field of competition from 132 teams in each region to 33. This culminates in a Finals where the winners will take home the largest share of the prize poll and the Axes of Champions. The Finals for the first season of 2021, Season 5, will take place March 12-14. The top three teams from each region’s Finals will automatically qualify for the next season’s FNCS Finals.

These latest changes look to breathe new life back into the competitive Fortnite scene. More money means more players and greater competition, and Fortnite weren’t able to host a World Cup in 2020 like they did the year prior.