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Street Fighter League Adds First Team

Dustin Steiner

The Street Fighter League, Capcom’s take on the team league format, has been quietly gaining steam for two seasons now. Mostly consisting of teams made up of various pro players, influencers, and rising players, it’s been an exercise in Capcom creating a proof of concept. That’s all starting to shift, if this news is any indication – they’ve invited a real esports team to the competition for the first time.

UYU street fighter league

UYU is the first esports organization to be added to the Street Fighter League. (Photo courtesy UYU)

Famous fighting game esports team UYU has been selected to send three of its best players to the competition. This marks the first time that an actual team has been chosen to compete, and could herald a new age in the League’s history if things go well.

Teams in the past have been named by Capcom internally and have included such gems as “Team Aqua Frost,” “Team Magma,” and others.

Team UYU, in their SFL incarnation, will consist of Sim “NL” Gun, Andrew “Kami” Armstead, and captain Li-Wei “Oil King” Lin. The latter placed 12th last year on the Capcom Pro Tour Global Leaderboards, and had a second place finish at Canada Cup last year. He ended his run last year in 9th at the Capcom Cup finals, finishing just shy of top eight.

NL is a former Cammy main, but has since switched to Akuma. His career best finish is a first place finish at Combo Breaker 2018. Kami, on the other hand, is a rising talent from the East Coast best known as a NLBC regular. His career best was a fourth place finish at Kumite in Tennessee.

UYU joins seven other teams in Street Fighter League season three, with no word yet on if other organizations will be joining the fray. Team Psycho Shinobi is the only other team to be announced, headed up by M. Bison main Yeh “Hotdog29” Man Ho. He’s got heavy hitters in his stable too, including recent Cygames Beast free agent Infexious and Xian.