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Team Spirit to Replace BOOM in ESL Pro League

Zakaria Almughrabi

Just one day after ESL announced the restructuring of the ESL Pro League groups around having as little travel as possible, BOOM has become the fourth overall team to drop out of the event.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit will be filling in for BOOM who have chosen to return to home amidst Coronavirus concerns. (Photo courtesy HLTV)

BOOM, who previously qualified under the INTZ banner, have decided to take the same route as Sharks Esports. They were in Europe ready to play in Season 11, but they decided to return home to Brazil before travel becomes restricted even more due to the global coronavirus situation. BOOM will also not lose their spot in the next ESL Pro League season.

Their replacement will be Team Spirit, a CIS roster who is ranked 27th worldwide. They will be placed in Group A and will play their first match against ENCE on March 16th. Spirit have a fairly talented team, but they have not shown the ability to play at a level where they can rival the powerhouses in their group such as Astralis and Vitality. This could be their chance to truly break out.