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PGL Major Stockholm: Who has Qualified for the CS:GO Major?

Zakaria Almughrabi

Counter-Strike’s much anticipated PGL Major Stockholm is less than a month away. The final RMR events are currently under way in every region. By the end of IEM Fall, the 24 participating teams will be locked in for their spots in the Major. The stakes are incredibly high, as placing too low could keep teams out of the first CS:GO Major since StarLadder Berlin over two years ago.

PGL Major Stockholm

The PGL Major Stockholm is set to kick off on October 26th. Which 24 teams will be competing for the greatest prize in Counter-Strike? (Image Credit PGL)

When is PGL Major Stockholm?

PGL Major Stockholm begins on October 26th. This tournament will likely follow a similar format as Majors of the past. There will be three tiers of teams: Contenders, Challengers, and Legends. The eight Contenders and Challengers will first play in the New Challengers Stage in a three-wins-to-advance format. The eight teams who succeed will meet up with the eight Legends teams in the New Legends Stage under the same format. Finally, the top eight teams will battle in out in a single elimination bracket from November 4th to 7th.

Who has Qualified for PGL Major Stockholm?

The 24 Major spots are split between the six main Counter-Strike regions with the number of teams varying based on regional strength. Europe has the most spots with three Legends, six Challengers, and two Contenders. North America has three Legends, one Challenger, and one Contender. The CIS has two Legends, one Challenger, and two Contenders. Oceania, South America, and Asia will each have one Contender.


G2 Esports

G2’s Major qualification was never in question coming into IEM Fall. They were already in second place in RMR standing after their third-place finish at Flashpoint 3 in May. What G2 really wanted was a Legend spot. Their top two finish in Group A at IEM Fall guaranteed them a minimum 1406 points. Although G2 fell to the 5-6th place matches instantly, one win over Team Fiend was enough to secure them a Legend spot.


Much like G2, Heroic was already primed for a Major spot after a top four finish at Flashpoint. Unfortunately for them, IEM Fall did not go nearly as planned. Heroic bombed out of the Group Stage after losing a tiebreaker to Movistar Riders. To add insult to injury, Heroic lost every game of the 9-12th place matches, condemning them to a Challenger spot.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Despite having taken the most point deductions of any team from roster moves, Ninjas in Pyjamas were still in good shape to earn a Legend spot. Their runner-up at Flashpoint netted them enough points to be fourth place prior to IEM Fall. With Heroic and mousesports failing to qualify for playoffs, NiP would earn a Legend spot by outlasting the other competitors. The Ninjas did one better by winning the IEM Fall trophy and locking their spot as Europe’s number one seed.


Astralis came into IEM Fall fairly far down the RMR table at eighth. Even so, their first-place finish in Group B has guaranteed them 1406 points and given them hope to earn a Legend spot. The defending Major champions still needed to do more however, as they sat behind G2, NiP, and Vitality with only three teams able to be Legends. After losing their semifinals match to ENCE, Astralis were locked into a Challenger spot.

Team Vitality

Vitality had similar hopes as NiP coming into IEM Fall. Despite having 600 bonus points from the 2020 RMR circuit, they were sat in fifth overall due to a mediocre placement at Flashpoint. Now, the failure of other teams to escape their groups opened the door for Vitality to earn a Legend spot. That dream became a reality as they took down Copenhagen Flames to secure top four, then beat Astralis in the third-place match.


BIG managed to accumulate 1200 points from the 2020 RMR circuit and Flashpoint, meaning any points at IEM Fall would be enough to lock a spot as a Challenger. Although their Group Stage performance was lackluster, BIG managed to scrape by into the 9-12th place matches with a 2-3 record thanks to tiebreaker wins over mousesports and FPX. One series win over Heroic guaranteed BIG a minimum 10th place and 1094 points.


Despite having earned no points at IEM Fall, mousesports have secured a spot at the PGL Major thanks to outside assistance. Mouz came into the event with 1600 points courtesy of their victory at Flashpoint 3. While any points would be enough to secure their ticket to Stockholm, their high standing allowed for other means of qualification. One of those came into play when OG fell to FaZe Clan in the 9-10th place match, dooming them to 11th at best. With OG out of contention, mousesports cannot be booted low enough to miss the Major.


ENCE has locked in their return to Majors with a triumphant streak at IEM Fall. While their new core is much different from the all-Finnish team that brought the org its initial fame back in 2019, ENCE have successfully rebuilt with an international roster. They had zero RMR points coming into this event. After going 4-1 in their group, ENCE took down G2 in a three-map series with double OT and crushed Astralis 2-0 to make it to the IEM Fall Finals and secure their spot at Stockholm.

FaZe Clan

FaZe has slipped into the PGL Major by the skin of their teeth. They only had 248 RMR points prior to IEM Fall, so success here was crucial. Unfortunately for them, FaZe fell to Team Fiend in the final Group Stage match. FaZe fought through the 9-12th place matches and secured the highest possible points they could, but they still needed assistance. A win by G2 over Fiend in the 5-6th place bracket booted them low enough that FaZe’s preexisting 248 points made the difference for Major qualification.

Movistar Riders

The best all-Spanish CS:GO team has laid their claim to a spot at PGL Stockholm. After beating out Heroic and Sinners in the Group B tiebreakers, Movistar earned second seed and a spot in the playoffs. By this point, a single series win would be enough to qualify any team for the Major. They would earn this win in the 5-6th place matches, defeating Copenhagen Flames, then even going on to beat G2 for 5th place overall. As a result, Movistar will be a Challenger instead of a Contender.

Copenhagen Flames

The final European team to qualify for the PGL Major is Copenhagen Flames. The Flames were in the same situation as every EU team without RMR points coming into IEM Fall. They put up an incredible performance in Group A, going 5-0 against the likes of G2, BIG, and mousesports. Again, one playoff series win was enough to qualify. After losing their first two matches to NiP and Movistar, the final spot came down to a 7th place match between the Flames and Fiend. A two-map series with five OT’s would send Copenhagen Flames through to the biggest tournament in Counter-Strike.

North America

Team Liquid

The first team from North America to qualify for the PGL Major is Team Liquid. The highest ranked team from the region had the second most RMR points coming into IEM Fall. Any points Liquid earned would secure them a Major spot. With a +42-round differential, Liquid steamrolled their way to a 5-0 record in Group A. Their 3871 total points has guaranteed them one of three Legend seeds.

FURIA Esports

Following in Liquid’s footsteps is FURIA Esports. The Brazilian squad was in the same position as Liquid with a bulk of RMR points prior to IEM Fall. They qualified for PGL Stockholm the same way as well. A clean 5-0 run in Group B has granted FURIA a playoff berth, as well as a ticket to their third straight Major. This will be FURIA’s first time starting in the Legend stage.

paiN Gaming

The next qualification for the PGL Major has gone to paiN Gaming. This Brazilian squad earned some points at cs_summit 8, the previous RMR event, by going undefeated in their group. While they haven’t replicated that performance, paiN have taken second place in Group A thanks to a head-to-head victory over favorites EXTREMUM. This point infusion has guaranteed paiN a trip to Stockholm as either a Legend or a Challenger pending the final IEM Fall results.


GODSENT have earned the honor of being the third Brazilian team to qualify for the PGL Major. This was a somewhat unexpected result, as GODSENT were one of four teams present at IEM Fall who didn’t even qualify for cs_summit 8. After opening Group B with a loss to FURIA, GODSENT went on to win every one of their remaining matches. Although their lack of earlier points has locked GODSENT into the Contender seed, we’ll still be seeing the likes of TACO and felps at the Major.

Evil Geniuses

The final team from North America to earn a place at the PGL Major is Evil Geniuses. Overall, EG have had a tough year. Despite all the roster and coaching issues, EG still had RMR points from the 2020 circuit and cs_summit to work with. After a third-place finish in Group B, EG just needed to beat EXTREMUM for the final Major spot. A 2-1 victory would send EG to Stockholm, while EXTREMUM now have to sit at home. Ironically, EG will be going as one of the three Legend seeds due to their previous points.


Natus Vincere

The CIS’s five Major spots have already been fully locked in. Standing atop the table is none other than Na’Vi. The IEM Cologne and Intel Grand Slam champions have performed well across the three RMR events, earning first at StarLadder and second at IEM Fall. Na’Vi will be a Legend at PGL Stockholm as a result.

Gambit Esports

Standing alongside Na’Vi in the CIS’s second Legend spot is Gambit Esports. The young squad’s breakout year will continue into their first Major appearance. Gambit took first place at two of the three RMR events, EPIC League and IEM Fall. They are only below Na’Vi in total points due to the 2020 circuit carry-over. The undeniable two best teams from the CIS have rightfully earned the Legend spots.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit have taken the CIS’s one Challenger spot. As the only team besides Na’Vi and Gambit to earn points at all three RMR events, their qualification was never in doubt. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to beat the best in their region and are about 600 points below a Legend spot. Still, Spirit will be at Stockholm and shouldn’t be underestimated.

The CIS’s Contender spots were the only ones in question coming into IEM Fall. While many would say is certainly one of the top five teams in the region, their RMR points didn’t quite agree. With no points earned at StarLadder, VP were outside of qualification with one event to go. With their Major spot on the line, VP won a tiebreaker against INDE IRAE to advance to the playoffs and beat out K23 and forZe in points.


Entropiq were in the exact same situation as coming into IEM Fall. However, had both K23 and forZe in their group, meaning they controlled their own destiny. Entropiq just had to play their best and pray for help. That help came when both K23 and forZe bombed out with 1-4 records. By winning both of their second-place tiebreakers against Spirit and Nemiga, Entropiq earned the final Major spot from the CIS.

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Three teams came into IEM Fall Oceania with points from EPIC League. Renegades led the table with 1680, followed by ORDER with 1500 and LookingForOrg (formerly Dire Wolves) with 1140. This point gap meant that Renegades would qualify for the Major with a top two finish. They would do so and even go a step further, crushing the tournament with a +42-round differential. The undisputed best Oceanic team will make their return to international competition.

South America

Sharks Esports

The South American table featured a direct head-to-head leading up to IEM Fall. Sharks and MiBR were neck and neck with only 65 points in between them. Whichever team placed higher would take the Major spot. Their round one match ended 2-0 in favor of Sharks, sending MiBR to the Lower Bracket. The two met again in the LB Finals with a spot at the Major on the line. Sharks once again got the better of MiBR, taking the Contender status for themselves.



IEM Fall Asia was essentially a two-horse race for Asia’s sole Major spot. TYLOO and ViCi Gaming were the only teams present with RMR points at 1600 each. Whichever team placed higher would book a trip to Stockholm. TYLOO played a dominant tournament, sweeping Checkmate and ViCi Gaming twice on their way to a perfect run, the IEM Fall trophy, and a spot at the PGL Major.

Those are all the teams to qualify for the PGL Major Stockholm! There is not much time until the biggest event in Counter-Strike makes its shining return. Check back at Hotspawn for all the latest PGL Major coverage.