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The Best Gaming Chair For Your Needs in 2021

Hunter Fenollol

Your body is a temple deserving of a proper foundation. If you’re spending hours hunched over your monitor each day you simply aren’t playing at your best. Modern gaming chairs have the best ergonomic features and focus on comfort and performance first rather than aesthetic. Whether for work or play, console or computer, an investment in a high quality gaming chair now can reap glorious returns further down the line.

The best gaming chairs you will extend your play stamina and improve your posture while you play objectives with laser-focused precision. By providing optimized angles and cushioning for peak play, you’ll outlast the competition now and avoid health issues later on. Leaderboard kings from Call of Duty’s rising star Simp to League of Legends’ reigning champ Faker sit on gaming chair thrones from the most popular brand manufacturers.

Quality gaming chairs are comfortable to use for extended gaming sessions and can be adjusted to meet your lifestyle needs. Whether you’re looking for a rigid support to stay alert for impending threats or a fully reclining backrest for midday catnaps at your desk. Streamers might prefer a lighter softweave fabric chair for luxury aesthetics, while a professional player may look for a durable PVC chair with easily accessible built-in adjustments critical for on the fly movements in the heat of a tournament.

After averaging out our choices, $500 seems to be the going rate. A budget gaming chair may cost less, but that doesn’t mean it can’t outperform a more expensive selection in crucial areas like breathability. Cop yourself a squat and take a look below to see our picks for the best gaming chairs.

1. Secretlab Titan XL

Secretlab Titan XL Gaming chair

The best gaming chair for most

You’d be hard-pressed not to believe Secretlab’s Titan XL gaming chair isn’t a gift from the gods themselves. Upholstered with an innovative PU leather or softweave fabric dependent on your preferences, the Titan XL offers a premium seating experience perfect for extended gaming. Not only do these materials keep cool and provide ample flex when things are heating up, but they are more resistant to abrasion.

The Titan XL is the business class version of the Titan with a build 25% larger than the original. Each core mechanism is doubly reinforced to support a maximum weight of up to 390 pounds. The ability to stretch out over the 23 inches of seat space can’t be overstated.

Secretlab’s 4D tilt system adapts effortlessly to the position of your elbows and wrist to reduce strain. Unlike the Omega series that uses pillows for neck and lumbar support, the Titan XL houses an integrated lumbar support system with a full range of adjustments. With the turn of a knob you can provide support directly to the center of your lower back. The entire backrest reclines from 85-165 degrees so you can lie down during lobby intermissions or nap.

For the price you’re getting a non-gimmicky gaming chair that will last a lifetime. Since their sole purpose is to engineer a great gaming chair, Secretlab innovations outperform a majority of the competition for the price.

Weight Limit: 390 pounds | Tilt: 85 to 165 | Seatbase Width: 22.64 inches | Height adjustment: 3.75 inches | Standout Feature: Large business class body with cold cure memory foam

Price: $539 USD

2. Razer Iskur

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

The best gaming chair for lumbar support

If you’re a hardcore esports player looking to improve your performance, Razer’s Iskur gaming chair is the secret sauce you need to level up your game. It’s PVC construction outlasts polyurethane chairs to hold up to intense daily gaming. All support systems are neatly built into the chair for quick calculated adjustments on the fly.

An advanced lumbar system can be tailored to the specific curvature of your spine. A piston-controlled panel expands and retracts to perfect your posture with a push of a lever. This aligns your back to a true neutral position, facing you directly towards your screen for uninterrupted performance. This is incredibly helpful during high-level FPS play where you need to be alert to every possible threat visible on your screen.

Designed to keep you upright, you won’t be able to extend beyond 130 degrees. This helps in preventing you from dozing off in your chair and helps you focus during marathon gaming sessions. You can use the included pillow, however we’ve found that your head is pushed too far forward for it to be viable for extended use.

Weight Limit: 286 pounds | Tilt: Up to 139 degrees | Seatbase Width: 22.7 inches | Height adjustment: 3.5 inches | Standout Feature: Ergonomic lumbar support panel

Price: $499 USD

3. Respawn 205

Respawn 205 Gaming Chair

The best budget gaming chair

Looking for a good gaming chair that doesn’t cost a small fortune? Good news. Respawn’s 205 gaming chair offers premium breathability and adjustability for less. Unlike the choices above, the backing is constructed of an airy mesh for maximum breathability. This even gives it a leg up on the pricier competition.

In order to make the chair more affordable, Respawn had to sacrifice elaborate adjustable lumbar and head supports, switching them out to basic neck and lumbar pillows that leave more to be desired. This is a small price to pay for a chair that offers high-class ergonomics like the adjustable armrests and a spine contouring back recline with three position tilt lock.

Despite the low cost of entry, Respawn’s steel tube frame construction gives the chair some seriously sturdy legs. The company’s limited lifetime warranty is first-class. In my personal experience, their gaming chairs and recliners have survived multiple apartment moves, LAN sessions and cat clawings. My recent purchase, a Respawn-110, arrived with stripped connection slots. Within a week an entirely new chair was at my door with instructions to keep or discard the old one.

Weight Limit: 275 pounds | Tilt: Up to 130 degrees | Seatbase Width: 20.5 inches | Height adjustment: 4 inches | Standout Feature: Breathable mesh back for heat ventilation

Price: $225 USD

4. Herman Miller Embody

Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair

The best gaming chair for pressure relief

Sometimes the best gaming chair isn’t a gaming chair at all. If price isn’t a problem, we’d like to introduce you to the Embody office chair from Herman Miller. This office chair foregoes the extra flair of gaming chairs with bold styling and superfluous pillow systems. The Embody’s simple comfort-centric design runs laps around a majority of chairs on this list.

For those putting in hours on League or work assignments your health will thank you. Herman Miller’s “feel better, work better” approach is far ahead of the “let’s slap bold contrasting colors on a racing seat” mission statement of gaming chair manufacturers. Much like the Isker, you position your backrest with the spine’s natural curve to keep you both focused and comfortable.

No matter how long you plant yourself in it, the chair stays cool and keeps its comfortable cushioning. Coils and netting provide a support system that foam could never match. The result is an excellent chair that leaves you cool and without fatigue.

Weight Limit: 300 pounds | Tilt: 94 to 120 | Seatbase Width: 21.3 inches | Height adjustment: 4.5 inches | Standout Feature: Adaptable backfit adjustment for pressure relief in any position

Price: $1,635

5. Corsair T3 Rush

Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair

The best fabric gaming chair

Evolving the racing chair aesthetic to a more mature piece of furniture, Corsair’s T3 Rush tones down the bold colors to a slick microfiber weave that’s soft, comfortable, yet doesn’t retain heat. The breathable fabric makes extended gaming sessions possible. Most surprisingly the neutral color palette helps this gaming chair fit in your parent’s basement as much as it does a ritzy soho loft.

A padded neck cushion and memory foam lumbar support envelops you in comfort and keeps your eyes on the prize. Adjusting the armrests is effortless. From height to orientation you can switch between an upright keyboard and mouse position for FPS games to lounging back with a controller for some unranked play later on. With the addition of a footrest, one would probably never leave this chair. Here’s to hoping Corsair reads and maybe adds this suggestion.

Weight Limit: 265 pounds | Tilt: 90 to 180 | Seatbase Width: 22 inches | Height adjustment: 3.5 inches | Standout Feature: Mature multi-functional design that flips between a gaming chair and a lounge chair

Price: $299

6. GTRacing Pro Series

GT Racing Pro Gaming Chair

The best bucket seat gaming chair

With a spacious depth, wide recline angles and a sturdy metal frame, the GTRacing Pro series doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel of gaming chairs. However, the 23-inch deep bucket seat extends beyond competitors. This keeps you locked in place during matches for ultimate immersion.

In addition to the all-encompassing space is beefed up seat cushions for the 2020 Music Series. While it won’t feel like your buns are being massaged by a cloud like the premium Embody, you won’t go numb downstairs after a single round of search and destroy. A deep comfortable cushion, extensively adjustable armrests and 170 degree reclining metal frame with rocking functionality makes this one of the best sub-$200 gaming chairs available.

Weight Limit: 220 pounds | Tilt: 90 to 170 degrees | Seatbase Width: 16 inches | Height adjustment: 4.9 inches | Standout Feature: Deep immersive bucket seat

Price: $167

7. Cougar Argo

Cougar Argo Gaming Chair

The best mesh gaming chair

Built with lightweight aluminum and mesh, the Argo is a surprisingly ergonomic yet airy gaming chair. Mesh extends beyond the backrest to the base of the seat with an overall feel that has a lot more in common with Herman Miller’s four-figure Aeron office chair than a gaming chair.

Ditching PU leather upholstery and pillow supports in favor of a breathable material and large universal lumbar support pays off. After a few hours playing VALORANT it’s nice to not have to peel yourself off of your chair. Unique to the Argo is a fully articulating headrest that adjusts to your viewing needs while providing support. While you won’t be able to kick back with extremely wide angles, the posture correction benefits your everyday health.

Unfortunately you cannot adjust the lumbar support, so players taller than six feet won’t be able to enjoy the Argo. Other than that caveat, the orange and black design is surprisingly fresh and a unique look.

Weight Limit: 330 pounds | Tilt: 105 to 130 degrees | Seatbase Width: 20 inches | Height adjustment: 2.2 inches | Standout Feature: Premium mesh construction complete with tilting head support

Price: $499

8. NZXT x Vertagear SL2000

NZXT x Vertagear SL2000

The best branded gaming chair

Hardware manufacturer NZXT and Vertagear teamed up to create a collaboration we didn’t know we needed. Colorblocked purple and black runs throughout the SL2000, culminating in a NZXT logo centered on the front and back. The design is luxurious and stands out from the crowd.

The SL2000 is constructed with PVC instead of polyurethane which means stains and water roll off of this chair with ease. Speaking of rolling, the Penta RS1 racing-style casters glide with ease across any surface. If you’re working between stations to play and edit content you’ll find yourself able to travel far with a quick push.

The steel frame runs high for more than capable neck, shoulder and lumbar support. You’re able to recline from 80 degrees to 140 degrees, which is good for lazy gaming but won’t leave you laying completely flat.

As far as sponsored gaming chairs go the design and logos are tasteful. The SL2000 will look great on streams but if you want a truly tailored gaming chair for the most comfortable performance, take a look at our other picks.

Weight Limit: 330 pounds | Tilt: 80 to 140 | Seatbase Width: 20.9 inches | Height adjustment: 4 inches | Standout Feature: Unique purple NZXT colorway

Price: $299

9. Noblechairs Epic Black Edition

Noblechairs Black Edition

The best PU leather gaming chair

Noblechairs constantly innovates upon their thrones for an unrivaled experience. The Epic Black Edition’s new microporous PU leather upholstery improves breathability and durability to keep you cool over extended periods of play. If you like the idea of mesh but the luxurious feel of cushioned leather, this is your chair.

Blending the ergonomic sitting position of an office chair with the boldness of gaming chairs, this is the best PU leather gaming chair. This dreamy upholstery covers the 4D armrests which provide extensive adjustability and support. Additionally, a rocker mechanism allows you to recline the seat in conjunction with the backrest. Tied together by a hefty all-steel frame, you’ll enjoy the Noblechairs Epic Black Edition gaming chair for years to come.

Weight Limit: 265 pounds | Tilt: Up to 135 | Seatbase Width: 22 inches | Height adjustment: 3.9 inches | Standout Feature: Porous PU leather that provides the comfort of leather with breathability of mesh

Price: $457

10. Secretlab Omega

Secretlab Omega

The best gaming chair for professional level play

Secretlab not only kicked off our journey but brings it to an end as well. The Omega gaming chair is a more compact seating option from Secretlab that is best suited for professional play.

Crafted from the same premium materials as the Titan XL, the Omega gaming chair opts for a smaller profile with angled edges. You get to keep that sweet patent-pending cold cure foam base that’s absolutely heavenly for your cheeks. The casualty of a smaller profile is a decreased width of a large flat seat. Without the ability to spread out that far or cross your legs, your posture ends up sitting correctly. Pros will notice that they’re able to immerse themselves like never before into games thanks to unmatched comfort.

A key differentiator between the Titan XL and Omega are each chair’s support systems. The Omega utilizes cooling memory foam pillows rather than built-in mechanisms. Unlike low-grade lumbar and head pillows tossed in as an afterthought, these premium memory foam supports steal the show. Contouring to your body during play, these babies keep you cool at pivotal moments. No matter how much you put them through, these malleable pillows bounce back to shape to provide unwavering comfort. If that doesn’t sweeten the deal the $100 savings just might.

Larger gamers should opt for the Titan XL for it’s larger size and doubly reinforced core mechanisms. But for the average player looking for a gaming chair that offers maximum comfort and performance, the Omega is one of the best on the market.

Weight Limit: 240 pounds | Tilt: 85 to 165 | Seatbase Width: 14 inches | Height adjustment: 3.7 inches | Standout Features: Cooling memory foam support pillows that contour for a perfect shape

Price: $379

Are gaming chairs worth it?

Today’s gaming chairs aren’t the color splashed bucket seat abominations of the past. Taking a page from the ergonomics of office chairs, the best gaming chairs balance functionality with appearance. You’ll get the back and bottom support you need for extensive hours of quality gameplay in addition to flair. If a gaming chair meets your needs for both function and style you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

Should I get a gaming chair or an office chair?

Office chairs are subtle, come in a wider variety of constructions including breathable mesh and are easy to adjust. If you’ll be working from your chair often and don’t want colleagues mistaking your pad for a racecar’s interior, you may want to opt for an office chair.

If you’re a competitive player or stream often, a gaming chair as the focal point of your battlestation neatly ties everything together. Whether you prefer console or PC gaming, the right addition can complete your setup and vibe in a sea of RGB lights.

Ultimately, this choice boils down to your tastes and use cases for the chair. You can’t go wrong with either pick, but your feature set will be impacted by whichever type of chair you end up buying. Both are centered around improving focus and performance, however office chair backs don’t climb as high or recline as wide.

What gaming chairs do pro gamers use?

The top esports players and streamers are parked in front of their battlestations each day for hours on end. For this reason, their choices lean towards more high-end chairs because of their advanced comfort and performance abilities.
Shroud is known for his FPS skills and plays in an ergonomic Herman Miller Aeron Task chair. This is an expensive office chair worth the investment for its advanced adjustments, back support and overall comfort. The Argo replicates this experience at half the price but its lumbar backing is limited in adjustability. TSM’s Myth also prefers to use a Herman Miller office chair. The Embody is a model we included on our list. Not only does the cushioning stay cool under pressure, but the tailored pressure relief provides a weightless feeling and its support hugs your body in all positions.
DrLupo’s preference for a larger seat drew him towards the SecretLab Titan. This is the middle ground between the Omega and the Titan XL models we’ve included. The Titan packs the built-in adjustment mechanisms of the XL and is a great option for average-sized players.
Knowing your use cases and trying out chairs for minutes at a time is your best route to finding a gaming chair with the perfect seat height, width, and lumbar support for you.

Are gaming chairs good for your back?

Most gaming chair brands stick to the original DXRacer chair blueprint, but they continue to evolve. Engineered to contour the curvature of your spine and provide you with a true neutral posture, gaming chairs go beyond being great for your back. Proper spine alignment prevents health issues down the line while relieving the aches of players plagued with back issues. This reduces time spent taking breaks and fidgeting while keeping you immersed in the action of competitive play.