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Flashpoint Returns November 9th With $1mill in Prize Money

Craig Robinson

BSite, the organizer behind the Flashpoint series, has announced the second series of the Flashpoint event. The event is set to take place between November 9th to December 6th, with a $1,000,000 USD prize pool available.


Flashpoint is back with Flashpoint 2 kicking off on November 9. (Photo courtesy Flashpoint)

Flashpoint 2 is set to have seven of the eight partnered teams to make their return to series 2. FunPlus Pheonix is the only team not making a return, as the organization is looking to invest more in CS:GO in 2021.

The seven partner teams consisting of Cloud9, MiBR, Dignitas, Gen.G, c0ntact, Envy, and MAD Lions will meet five other teams to complete the league. There will be three direct invites based on teams in the top 20 world rankings. Two teams can also earn their way into the event by qualifying through one of two open bracket events.

Two open qualifiers are available, with October 8 kicking off the first qualifier with the second event scheduled for October 10. The top four teams from the open qualifiers will then advance to a closed qualifier from October 12-14. The closed qualifier will have a double-elimination, best of three tournaments to determine the top two teams qualifying to Flashpoint 2.

The Flashpoint 2 event is going to be interesting. The likes of Cloud 9 is in the process of making their super roster capable of taking top tier trophies and is yet to finalize their roster fully. Meanwhile, MiBR is missing most of their roster, with Gen.G down a fifth player. There is a lot of mystery towards the new Flashpoint event with the teams. The next few months for the Flashpoint qualifiers, teams, and the main event is going to be interesting as the event looks to ramp up to its kickoff date.