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Evil Geniuses Unveil New Logo in Latest Rebrand

Nick Ray

Evil Geniuses announced the launch of another rebrand which includes an overhaul of their team logo and player jerseys. To compliment the new look, the organization will also kick off a new partnership with LG Electronics USA by adding their name to the back of the new uniform.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses' new logo abandons the former text-centric design. (Photo courtesy Evil Geniuses)

evil geniuses jersey front evil geniuses jersey back

The new crest abandons the text-centric look of the most recent iteration in favor of a callback to EG’s original logo. The new jersey design leaves room for players to make their uniform unique with customization options for country flags, player numbers on the back, and player names on both the front and back.

This rebrand marks the second time within the past year the iconic esports organization has undergone a logo change. Upon their re-entrance into the League of Legends Championship Series for the 2020 Spring Split, EG decided to alter the 20 year-old crest to a more modernized logo.

While that redesign was met with some community criticism, EG CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson believes this rebrand to be a more accurate representation of the org’s values and commitment to their legacy: “Today represents a culmination of over a year of incredibly hard work and dedication by our entire organization,” said Jameson. “Fueled by the passion of our unshakable community, we’ve finally given a face to our vision that’s not only representative and respectful of our past, but also dictates EG’s place in the future of esports.”

Evil Geniuses finished third place in the 2020 LCS Spring Split and recently secured a first place finish for their Dota team in the Beyond the Summit Pro Series.