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DreamHack Postpones Multiple Events for 2020

Craig Robinson

DreamHack is postponing four DreamHack events in 2020. Major events on the calendar, like DreamHack Summer, will no longer occur in 2020; instead, DreamHack Summer will re-open for 2021. These delays include city events like Valencia, Dallas and Montreal, with the latter two also set to recommence in 2021.


DreamHack postpone four major events in 2020. To bring esport events online. (Photo courtesy DreamHack)

Back in March, DreamHack originally announced they were looking to push back dates of their events to a safer time. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on, the original August re-schedule now seems unlikely. With this prediction out the window, both Summer and Dallas will outright not run in 2020.

As for DreamHack Montreal, the September event has also had its 2020 event cancelled. This too will recommence in 2021. Meanwhile, there is some hope for Valencia, which is pushed back to October 8th – 12th, from July 3rd – 5th. Perhaps this is a new sign of when LAN events should be able to function in 2020?

But the good news for DreamHack fans, their festivals are still going ahead as planned. DreamHack Rotterdam, Hyderabad, Atlanta, Winter and Madrid remain on their original dates. These events contain several activities, from esport tournaments to fan meetups. Given the numbers these events attract, it is a good sign to see them feel confident late 2020 will put them back in action.

DreamHack will still deliver on bringing some of the best CS:GO in the world. An online CS:GO tournament titled DreamHack Open Summer aims to fulfill that promise. Online CS:GO event will replace the Valencia, Montreal, and Hyderabad LANs. Valencia will become an online regional tournament for Europe, with Montreal acting the same for North America, and the Hyderabad acting as two for Asia and Oceanic. Europe is the only region with dates so far, currently scheduled for July 2nd-5th. All the events will have an extra day to make sure the online matches can go ahead without the worry of scheduling issues with delays. Each event will a $100,000 prize pool to go with it.

Furthermore, several other events will move online, including Starcraft II, Warcraft 3, Northern League of Legends. Organizers are still weighing up what to do with the Magic the Gathering: Arena – expect an announcement from them and Wizards of the Coast soon.