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Modern Warfare Season Six Updates Warzone and Multiplayer 

Jalen Lopez

Season six of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases on Tuesday, September 29th, and will introduce new multiplayer maps, operators, and changes to Call of Duty: Warzone. Fans can also expect a new limited-time Warzone event, which begins on October 20th. 

Modern Warfare

Warzone is about to get hectic and spooky. (Photo courtesy Activision)

Warzone updates

Modern Warfare

The season six trailer shows the new Verdansk Subway System, a new fast travel option that will allow players to navigate the Warzone map quickly. The subway has seven entrances at points of interest around the map, which now have explorable metro stations where players can find loot and equipment. 

The subway is now one of the quickest ways to maneuver around the map and provide a safe space for players to regroup and prepare before reentering the battlefield. The subway will not move if players are fighting in or around the train, so players will need to eliminate threats before boarding. The subway will also not take players into a storm if a station is covered in the gas, which alleviates some danger. 

The trailer also shows new armored vehicles equipped with turrets parachuting into the battlefield. It is unclear how players will unlock these powerful vehicles, but they will change the tempo of warzone gunfights. The vehicles are included in the limited-time event Armored Royale, but it is unclear if they will appear in the regular battle royale mode. Each squad has its own armored cargo truck and can respawn as long as their vehicle is still intact. 

Players can also expect to fight in Verdansk at night in a new limited-time mode. The trailer did not reveal the name or details about the new nighttime Warzone mode, but the trailer ends with an ominous message stating, “the haunting begins” on October 20th. Several voice lines from a game mode called “Zombie Royale” recently leaked, and players might be able to experience the spooky new mode very soon. The voice lines indicate the addition of zombies in the new mode, and players will become a member of the undead after death. Fans will have to wait for an official reveal of the new mode for more information. 

Multiplayer Updates

Modern Warfare

The latest trailer also shows off four new multiplayer maps for a variety of Modern Warfare game modes. Mialstor Tank Factory is a new six-vs-six map where players will fight in a large warehouse over various objectives. Broadcast, a fan-favorite map initially introduced in the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, will also be coming in season six. Teams will have to fight for control of the building on multiple floors and tight spaces. 

Station is a new Gunfight map where teams of two will fight in a cramped trainyard. Verdansk Riverside is the final multiplayer map revealed in the trailer and includes a portion of the Warzone map. 

Players can also expect two new operators, Nikolai and Farah, and new weapons to unlock. The SP-R 208 is a new marksman rifle, and the AS VAL is a new assault rifle. Each weapon can be unlocked in the season six battle pass. 

Season Six of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare begins on Tuesday, September 29th, at 1 am CT. PlayStation 4 players can pre-load the update ahead of time, and Xbox One and PC players can expect a 22 and 57 GB update, respectively. PS4 and Xbox players will also need to download an additional compatibility pack.