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Former Halo Pro Shotzzy Joins Dallas Call of Duty

Brandon Howard

Dallas’ Call of Duty League team is starting to build their hype heading into the 2020 season, announcing two players to officially be part of Dallas. They began their roster roll-out when they announced James “Clayster” Eubanks – legendary player in the professional Call of Duty scene. Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro joins Dallas’ roster alongside Clayster, providing a fresh talent to complement the storied veteran.


Shotzzy was known for his Halo pro-career before making the transition into CoD. (Image via @COD_Dallas / Twitter)

This roster move is particularly interesting owing to the fact Shotzzy will be making his professional Call of Duty debut with Dallas. The 18-year-old previously made his name known at the young age of 16 when he took the Halo professional scene by storm. Shotzzy made his impact felt as part of Splyce where he helped lead their team to a World Championship in 2018.

Some may say that Dallas is taking a risk bringing on Shotzzy. He is a relatively young player with inexperience playing professional Call of Duty. Despite all that, Shotzzy is a mechanically gifted super-star who took the Halo-world by storm and rose to prominence at such an early age. The innate talent that he displayed is enough to warrant a shot. In taking that shot, Dallas and Team Envy (the organization behind the team) hope to show that taking a risk can pay off in great ways.

Shotzzy will have a lot to prove going into the 2020 season of the Call of Duty League. With a tremendous amount of potential upside, picking up Shotzzy could be a smart move for Dallas as they try to set apart their roster as the best in all of the league. Pairing an incredible (albeit unproven) talent like Shotzzy with an experienced legend in Clayster is a bold roster move that can pay off quite well for Dallas moving forward.