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Call of Duty Super Week Sets Stage for First Major

Jalen Lopez

The Call of Duty League Super Week provided fans with a full week on nonstop matches. The performance this week set the stage for the first Major. The week also offered insight into the team rankings and which teams are dominating the early season.

Call of Duty League

Super Week provided entertaining matches and a preview of the upcoming Major. (Image via CDL)

Some teams went undefeated throughout Super Week, while others struggled to win a match. But the week still featured a few intense games as teams fought for better seeding in the Major tournament.

Undefeated Runs

Three teams navigated Super Week without losing: Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire, and OpTic Chicago.

Atlanta faced the Toronto Ultra in its first match of the week and only dropped one map. But Toronto almost won the Raid Hardpoint match and only lost by three points.

The Florida Mutineers were defeated in a similar 3-1 series against Atlanta, but Florida took a Hardpoint victory in the first map. They could not maintain the momentum, and Atlanta won the next three games.

Atlanta’s last match of the week was against the Paris Legion. This series was closer than expected as Paris secured a game five. Paris won the first Hardpoint match by one point and secured an intense and exciting comeback.

Atlanta answered back with a Search and Destroy victory, but this was also close and came down to the final round. The teams traded blows until the last match, where Atlanta eliminated Paris in Raid Search and Destroy.

The highlight was Atlanta going undefeated during Super Week, but Paris’s strong performance against the strong team should not be ignored.

The Dallas Empire was also undefeated during Super Week, but its matches were not easy victories. Dallas’s first match against the London Royal Ravens went to map five, and London pulled off a 235-28 win in Garrison hardpoint to stay alive. However, Dallas sealed the deal in the final Search and Destroy match.

The New York Subliners almost swept Dallas in its second match of the week. New York dominated in the first two maps, but Dallas held on with a decisive Raid Control win. New York could not regain its composure, and Dallas secured a devastating reverse sweep against former teammate James “Clayster” Eubanks.

Dallas faced the LA Thieves in its final match of the week, which many expected to be an exciting series. But Dallas beat the strong team 3-0 and finished its Super Week run on a high note.

OpTic Chicago, the final team that went undefeated during Super Week, had a relatively easy time. Chicago faced the Toronto Ultra, Los Angeles Guerrillas, and Florida Mutineers. Each team was defeated 3-1, but the Florida Mutinners came close to securing a second map win.

Better Luck Next Week

On the opposite end of Super Week were several teams that walked away without a win. The Toronto Ultra, Seattle Surge, and London Royal Ravens could not win a series, and London has still yet to win a series this season.

Toronto faced Chicago and Atlanta in the first two matches. The Ultra won a map in each series, but this was not enough for a full victory. Toronto did take Paris and the Guerrillas to game five, but they still could not secure a series win.

The Seattle Surge was defeated by Minnesota ROKKR, LA Thieves, and New York. The team took LA to map five but were swiftly defeated 6-0 in the series’s final map.

The London Royal Ravens’ closest match of the week was against Dallas, but they still could not win a series and are the only team going into the Major without a win.

The Major is Here

Super Week was full of ups and downs for most teams, but they will all compete in the first Major tournament of the season.

The Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe will start in the round 2 semi-finals thanks to both team’s dominant performance.

OpTic Chicago will face the New York Subliners in round 1 of the winners’ bracket. The LA Thieves will also meet the Los Angeles Guerrillas in the first round of the winner’s bracket.

The Seattle Surge and Florida Mutineers will face each other in round 1 of the elimination bracket. The Toronto Ultra and London Royal Ravens will also fight for their spot in the second round of the elimination bracket.

The Paris Legion and Minnesota ROKKR will face the winners of round 1 in the elimination bracket.

The Call of Duty League Major Tournament I is scheduled for March 3-7.