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Call of Duty League Announces 2020 Season Schedule

Brandon Howard

The highly anticipated Call of Duty League is almost here. The league marks a new era for professional Call of Duty, formatting itself after the successful Overwatch League (and many traditional sports leagues), where teams will be location-based with home and away matches. This gives the esport a wider reach than ever before, especially with matches being played in local markets around the world. The league announced that they will be starting out the season in Minnesota at the end of January and now, the full schedule for 2020 has been unveiled.

Call of Duty League will take place around the world in 2020. (Image via Call of Duty League)

Call of Duty League will take place around the world in 2020. (Image via Call of Duty League)

Each city/state will be hosting two weekends throughout the season (Los Angeles teams cohosting). This will give the teams the opportunity to play in front of their home crowd. Approximately half of the teams will be playing on a given weekend – except for the launch weekend in Minnesota – while the other teams will have an off week (allowing time to rest from traveling as well as more time to practice).

Along with the weekend matches in each local market, the league will host two events – Midseason Weekend and Championship Weekend. The Midseason Weekend will act as a break between the first half of the season and the second half while the Championship Weekend will end with the crowning of the Call of Duty League champions. Specific details and dates for the two league hosted events haven’t been announced yet.

The January launch weekend is quickly approaching and fans hoping to get tickets can sign up for announcements for teams of their choosing. They will be notified when more information regarding venue locations, ticket prices and ticket sales go live.