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Activision Announce CoD: Mobile World Championship

Jalen Lopez

Activision have announced the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 in collaboration with Sony which features a $1 million prize pool. The tournament starts online on April 30th and eligible players will have the chance to compete for various cosmetic rewards and cash prizes.

CoD: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile players now have a chance to compete in their esports event. (Photo courtesy Activision)

Players who are ranked Veteran or higher are eligible to enter four open online qualifiers which are scheduled for each weekend between April 30th – May 24th. After players sign up for the event each weekend the tournament will go live, and they will earn tournament points in the first ten ranked matches they play. The points are based off individual wins, and the higher a player is ranked will allow them to earn more points for each win.

If a player is able to earn 80 points within the ten matches in any weekend, they will qualify for stage 2. Players cannot use any external devices or attachments such as Bluetooth controllers, mouse and keyboard, or any other device that provides an unfair advantage.

Players can play in multiple weekends to continue to earn in game prizes and to try and qualify for stage 2. There will be new items each week, so players are encouraged to play each weekend even if they are already qualified.

Stage 2 requires players to from teams with other players qualified during stage 1 and they must continue to play online matches. More information on stage 2 will be released as the tournament progresses.

Vice president of mobile at Activision Chris Pummel expressed his excitement for the tournament and what it means for mobile players: “We are very excited to launch our highly-anticipated competitive tournament in Call of Duty: Mobile. As the next evolution in our fan favorite Ranked Play, this tournament format gives eligible Call of Duty: Mobile players a chance to compete with players from around the world for cash prizes.”

The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship is a huge milestone for mobile players. Many mobile games do not have their own dedicated esports leagues or events, but this may be an indication that this will change soon for Call of Duty: Mobile.