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How To Play Every Map in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Jalen Lopez

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War introduces 11 new multiplayer maps for players to enjoy in various game modes. There are also two specific maps for the new Fireteam: Dirty Bomb game mode that are larger than the other maps and perfect for large scale battles. The new maps feature a range of locations from downtown Miami to a desert in Angola. Players can navigate each map to directly attack objectives or get the drop on unsuspecting enemies.

Black Ops Cold War Maps

Cold War includes several maps with diverse layouts. (Photo courtesy Activision)

It is essential to understand each Cold War map to perform well in any game mode, especially modes that feature multiple objectives.


Armada Black Ops Maps

Armada is one of the larger multiplayer maps that takes place on a large ship in the middle of the ocean. Players can navigate the ship itself or dive into the water to flank and surprise enemies.

In core game modes, teams will spawn on either side of the main ship and can head towards the upper and lower level decks on either side. The upper deck features a control room that connects to both sides of the ship. There are two lower hallways that players can use to reach each spawn area.

Armada is expanded in certain game modes, and two new ships are introduced. Players will spawn on a U.S or Soviet ship depending on the team they are on, and they can either swim to the main ship or use a variety of vehicles.

Almost all weapons are viable on Armada, but SMGs and shotguns will likely be less effective in exterior areas.


Cartel Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Maps

Cartel drops players into a Nicaraguan jungle where they will battle through dense vegetation and small buildings. There are three main routes to maneuver around the map, and players can easily surprise players.

The CIA team drops in on the west side of the map and can use either outside lane or push directly into the center area. The northern lane features a river and rocks to use as cover and directly connects both spawn areas. The southern lane goes through a hanger and other small structures that are perfect for close-quarter weapons.

The center of Cartel features thick cocoa plants that make it challenging to spot players moving through the area. There is also a guard tower in the center area that is perfect for eliminating enemies from a distance.

The center area is often the location of objectives, so experiment with weapon attachments that can assist you in identifying enemies through the foliage.


Checkmate Cartel Cold War Maps

Checkmate takes place in an extensive training facility that features a fake plane and several other structures. Players can use the various buildings in each spawn area to pick off enemies at long range, but most of the action will take place in the plane.

The plane features two main entrances on either side and can be accessed from both wings in the middle. Players will continuously move through the aircraft in all game modes, and several objectives are located in the plane itself.

Maintaining control of the plane can be difficult, especially when enemies sit inside with shotguns or SMGs. Remember to use the other entrances to your advantage to avoid feeding kills to the other team.


Crossroads Cold War

Crossroads is a Cold War Map that allows players to fight in a freezing area in Uzbekistan. This map changes size based on the game mode, but both versions feature intense combat as players fight over objectives.

Crossroads’ 6v6 version is centered around an Annex and Storage building connected by a sky bridge and other entrances. Both interior areas lead to either side of the map, but the exterior areas are open and dangerous.

Players with an aggressive playstyle are better off staying inside the buildings. Players who want to try their luck outside should be prepared for long to medium ranged fights. However, most objectives are located both inside and outside, so be prepared to adapt to either situation.

Crossroads is the largest Cold War map in the Combined Arms playlist and quadruples in size for the 12v12 mode. The two main buildings in the 6v6 version are still included, but several other buildings and the surrounding area are also accessible. The larger version also features vehicles such as tanks, so bringing explosives might be a good idea.


Garrison Cold War Map

Garrison is a cramped and chaotic map that mainly takes place in a warehouse. Most objectives are located inside small areas, so be prepared for intense fights in close quarters.

Each team spawns on either side of the warehouse, and almost all objectives are located in the interior area. There are multiple paths to take through the center of the map, depending on the game mode and which team a player is on.

Assault rifles and SMGs are best suited for this map, but marksman and sniper rifles can be used to cover the long lines of sight that cut through the warehouse. Players should also take advantage of the sky bridge that cuts across the center of the warehouse as it provides an elevated view towards both spawns.


Miami Cold War Map

The neon-lit streets of Miami serve as the perfect backdrop for intense gunfights. The open streets are perfect for sniper and marksman rifles, while the interior building areas are suited for SMGs. It is possible to maneuver Miami quickly to surprise enemies, but it will take a few games to learn the map.

The northern lane runs along the beach and connects both spawn areas. There are objects such as boats and small cabanas that provide cover, but it is essential to clear out snipers before advancing. The southern lane features an alleyway between buildings and a hotel with two stories that overlooks Ocean Drive.

Ocean Drive runs directly through the map, and several vehicles can be used as cover. However, this area is overlooked by multiple buildings and is tough to move through safely. Use the buildings to move around the Cold War map safely and to avoid catching the attention of a sniper.


Moscow Cold War Map

Players must fight in and around a metro station in Moscow to eliminate enemies and secure objectives. This map features several buildings that players can traverse to engage the enemy team.

The center point of Moscow is a large metro station that connects to all sides of the map. Each spawn leads to the station, and the outside lanes also connect to it. The northern lane features a long road that circles around a hotel and connects both spawns.

The opposite lane runs through a small building and a small exit for the metro escalators. Both teams can flank the main metro area through this path, and enemies constantly use it to surprise players.



Satellite is a unique Cold War map as it features no buildings or human-made objects besides the crashed satellite. However, there are several caves and hills for players to use as cover.

The center of the map features a large satellite broken into several pieces on a hilltop. This elevated position is often the center of the action, and the hill overlooks most of the surrounding area. There are multiple paths around the center hill, but it is the quickest way to reach either side.

Players can also navigate dunes on the outskirts of the map that provide enough cover if used carefully. This is a popular area for long-ranged weapons, although it is a vulnerable location as there is no protection from scorestreaks.

Nuketown ’84

Nuketown '84

Nuketown ’84 is the latest iteration of the fan-favorite Nuketown map. The map has appeared in every Black Ops title and is back with a fresh coat of graffiti.

Players spawn behind either house and will almost immediately be in danger. Most engagements will occur in the street between both houses, but players will throw explosives towards both spawns. Each house features a second-story window that allows players to cover the front of each house, but it is a relatively exposed position.

The main street features a school bus and large truck that provide cover for players moving through the center area. This is one of the most dangerous parts of Nuketown as players can come from multiple sides at once.

Nuketown ’84 has the same hectic, intense gameplay that fans expect from the iconic map. Be prepared to die continuously and to almost always be near enemies.



Alpine is a massive snowy map solely featured in the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb playlist. The snow-covered environment features dense forests and cozy cabins, but be prepared to battle other teams constantly.

Several points of interest around Alpine serve as the locations for Dirty Bombs. These are often in areas with several buildings, so at least one player on a team should be prepared for close-quarter combat.

Players can also sit outside of these areas and pick off enemies for easy points. Remember that Dirty Bombs release a radioactive gas when detonated, and teams should always be moving to objectives.



Ruka features a sizable dense forest with multiple points of interest around the map. Players can pick where they want to land at the beginning of each match, so coordinate with your team to make the best decision.

There are several buildings on Ruka, but the majority of engagements take place in the exterior areas. Players should have at least one weapon equipped that can work in long-ranged fights, but SMGs and shotguns are appropriate in some situations.

Teams will constantly push towards objectives from the surrounding area, so collecting enough uranium before taking an objective is a good strategy.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has several maps with unique layouts. Not every class will work in every situation, and it is best to have multiple loadouts ready. Use the environment to your advantage, and remember there is almost always an alternative route to move around enemies.

Jalen Lopez

Jalen Lopez

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