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How to play Champion Hill in Call of Duty

Jalen Lopez

Call of Duty: Vanguard is taking players back to a World War II setting on an exciting adventure throughout multiple theaters of war. Players will play as a diverse cast of characters in Vanguard’s campaign, and the multiplayer maps will also feature locations from the story.

How to play Champion Hill

Champion Hill is a new exciting experience that will keep players coming back for more. Image via Activision.

Vanguard’s multiplayer will also feature the iconic gameplay fans have come to love and expect, with the various game modes like Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy. A wide selection of WWII weapons will keep each game fresh and exciting as players find the perfect loadout for their playstyle. Fans can also expect a new Pacific Warzone map in the future.

Vanguard also includes a lot of exciting new features, including the brand new game mode Champion Hill. This new mode puts players into a “Round-Robin, Limited-Life Deathmatch Tournament” that can be played in solos, duos, and trios. Players got their first look at Champion Hill in the Vanguard Alpha and Beta, and the solo mode will be available when the game launches on November 5th.

This exciting new game mode combines elements from other modes like Team Deathmatch, Gunfight, and Warzone into one action-packed experience. While Champion Hill’s premise is simple, there are multiple ways to improve your gameplay and dominate the enemy. Playing as a team and communicating is essential. And knowing what to buy at what time can make or break gunfights. Our guide will give you a brief introduction to Champion Hill and tips on winning and surviving.

Understanding Champion Hill

Every Champion Hill lobby holds eight teams of duos that face off against other teams until one team is left standing. Each duo starts with 12 lives and hitting zero means you are eliminated from the game. Before the game starts, every player is placed in the Buy Station Area. This area contains purchasable items like killstreaks, weapons, perks, and armor. Every player starts with $500 to purchase items before they drop into the game.

After the buy round, each team will face another team in one of the four maps in the Champion Hill arena. Each combat round lasts 60 seconds, and players must fight their enemies to survive. Every death takes away a life from your team’s total amount, so make sure to play carefully. Once the 60 seconds are up, the winning team that secured the most kills will receive a $1,000 cash bonus. Squads will proceed to continuously face teams until only two teams are left alive.

However, after every few combat rounds, players will return to the Buy Station Area to buy more upgrades and equipment. Players can also upgrade their weapons during combat rounds, which adds new attachments and weapon perks. Maintaining a balance between upgrading weapons and saving your money for buy rounds is essential.

The final two teams will face off in the final round, which is 120 seconds. If a team does not deplete the enemy’s lives, both teams will return to the Buy Station Area to purchase more upgrades before returning to the fight. The last team standing will be the victor of Champion Hill.

Every player should have a basic understanding of Champion Hill if they want to succeed. But there are other factors and strategies to consider if you want a competitive edge over the enemy teams.

Call of Duty Vanguard reveal

Master the four maps

Champion Hill features four maps that players will rotate through as they fight other teams. Each map is a small area with a diverse layout, meaning players will have to slightly change their strategy for success.

Airstrip is one of the largest maps in Champion Hill and features multiple planes across a runway. This map features an underground bunker on and rocky area on its northern side. The runaway is a long sightline for either team, so consider running through the bunker when traversing the area.

Courtyard is a symmetrical map that will be familiar to Gunfight players. Each team spawns in long rectangular buildings on either side of the map, and two central buildings provide cover in the center. There are also smaller objects between the center and spawn buildings that are perfect for cover.

Market features a small town center in the middle of the map, which is an excellent route for players trying to engage the enemy quickly. There are also buildings on the west and south sides of the map that provide extra cover.

The final map available in Champion Hill is Trainyard. This map features two trains that run across the map with a small structure between the railroad tracks. Both spawn areas include a raised boxcar that adds verticality to the map.

You will likely be playing these four maps frequently in Champion Hill, so understanding the ins and outs of each section is critical. If you are eliminated from the game early, consider sticking around as dead players can watch the action on all four maps from the center of the arena. Also, each map except Airfield features an extra life token in the center, so coordinate with your team to try and secure this much-needed boost.

Manage your money carefully

Understanding the maps in Champion Hill is only the first step in success. This game mode rewards players with cash to upgrade their items and loadout, which is one of the most important parts of the match. Knowing what to buy at what time is critical.

Let’s start with weapons. Players can purchase assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, sniper rifles, and more. While each weapon can eliminate enemies, understanding the perfect weapon for your playstyle can make a substantial difference. For example, if you are an aggressive player with a run and gun style, spring for an SMG instead of a sniper rifle. If you prefer playing safe and engaging from a distance, consider a sniper rifle or powerful LMG.

Another excellent tactic is coordinating with your team on what to buy. One player can buy a run and gun loadout while the other covers them from a distance with a long-ranged weapon. Also, if you encounter a team more than once, consider using weapons that can counter their loadouts.

Don’t forget to pick up equipment like grenades, throwing knives, and stun grenades from the buy station. These weapons can damage enemies or soften them up before you push in for the kill. They can make the difference in a gunfight, especially if the enemy has not purchased any equipment.

Another important thing to save money for are perks. These bonuses grant your character passive abilities that can change the tempo of a round. For example, the Tracker perk shows enemy footprints, making it easier to find them. The Survival Training perks lowers the effects of stun grenades, making it easier to stay alive. Experiment with different perk combinations to match your needs.

Finally, don’t be afraid to purchase killstreaks. Killstreaks range from Spy Planes that highlight enemy locations to a V2 Rocket that kills all players and ends the match. Some of these streaks are expensive, so think twice before committing to the cost. However, the killstreaks box also includes other useful items like armor and extra lives. Armor is an excellent choice that makes it much harder for enemies to kill you. An extra life keeps you in the game longer, so consider this if you are running low.

If you manage to eliminate an enemy team from the match, don’t forget to check their bodies. When enemies are eliminated from the game, they drop their weapons. This means the other team has access to their updated guns. If an enemy player has a max-level weapon, consider adding it to your arsenal for extra firepower. Also, don’t leave the match if you made it to the end. The top three teams in the lobby receive a win in their combat record, so stick around and watch the chaos.

Jalen Lopez

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