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Call of Duty: Vanguard Weapon Tier List

Jalen Lopez

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the upcoming title taking players back to a World War II setting. This means players can expect a wide array of WWII weapons, ranging from assault rifles to melee weapons. However, as with any Call of Duty title, some guns will lead the way in their respective class.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Don't go into battle unprepared. Image via Activision

Players recently got their first taste of Call of Duty: Vanguard in the various open betas, allowing them to experiment with guns before the game releases. Some weapons stood out as viable options, while others need a slight adjustment from the developers to become effective. More guns will likely be released throughout Vanguard’s life cycle, so don’t be discouraged if you were not impressed with the current arsenal.

To help you get into the swing of things, we’ve created a Call of Duty: Vanguard Tier List to give you a better understanding of which weapons are worth your time. The top weapons guarantee you a better performance, while the lower tier weapons will require extra effort to succeed.

It is worth mentioning that these weapons can be adjusted before Vanguard’s official release on November 5th. Several weapons will also be added to Vanguard, and the tier list might change based on new options. Our experience with these weapons is also limited, considering we only had access for a short period during the open betas. But we will update this guide as needed to ensure you always know which weapons are a safe bet.

Assault Rifles

S Tier- STG44

The STG44 is a Call of Duty classic. The latest iteration is effective in almost every scenario and is a well-rounded gun suited for all skill levels. This weapon will carry you in the early levels of Vanguard. But it will likely remain in the Vanguard meta for the foreseeable future.

A Tier- NZ-41

The NZ-41 will not outgun other options like the STG44, But its high rate of fire makes it the perfect choice for players looking for an SMG/ assault rifle hybrid. This weapon is suited for a run and gun playstyle and can be devasting in the right hands.

B Tier- BAR

The AR is one of the most powerful assault rifles in Vanguard. However, its slow rate of fire makes it less effective in close ranges. Players who prefer picking off enemies from a distance will enjoy this gun.

B Tier- Volk

The Volk is one of the smallest assault rifles in Vanguard with high mobility. While players can get around quickly with this weapon, it struggles in other areas. However, the proper attachments can help improve it.

C Tier- ITRA Burst

The ITRA Burst is not a rifle but is currently outclassed. The burst fire can be deadly at longer ranges, but most players will choose the BAR instead. However, we can see the ITRA becoming viable down the line, especially if it receives a buff.


S Tier- MP-40

The MP-40 is currently the standout weapon in Vanguard. This powerful SMG can hold its own in almost any situation and is dominant in close-range fights. Fans of the CDL will likely see professional players using this powerful SMG. It will also likely dominate the early meta in Vanguard.

A Tier- M1928

The M1928 excels in close-quarter combat, but not much else. This weapon’s intense recoil makes it almost impossible to control, especially in long-range gunfights. Experiment with attachments to help negate these issues. Also, stick to a run and gun play style with the M1928.

B Tier- STEN

The STEN is an effective SMG, but like the M1928, it only shines in close-quarter fights. However, attachments are needed to make it as effective as the M1928, earning it a lower spot on our tier list.

B Tier- PPSH-41

The PPSH-41 is a pre-order exclusive, making it a relatively rare weapon. But this gun is not as effective as the MP-40, so don’t worry if you don’t unlock it. Try to find a PPSH-41 in Warzone if you want to try it for yourself.


S Tier- DP27

The DP27 features high damage from an LMG. But it also has great mobility, meaning it’s possible to move around and dominate. However, do not expect to win close-quarter fights against SMGs and some assault rifles.

A Tier- MG42

The MG442 can tear through multiple enemies with ease. This gigantic weapon is perfect for holding down a position. But this gun has a slow ADS, so make sure to plan your strategy accordingly.

C Tier- Bren

The Bren has a steady rate of fire and decent accuracy. This is a good choice for players comfortable engaging enemies from a distance, but it struggles at all other ranges. Hopefully, this gun receives a buff when the game launches.

Sniper Rifles

S Tier- Kar98k

A powerful Kar98k shouldn’t be a surprise to Call of Duty veterans. This sniper rifle packs a massive punch and can take out enemies with ease. Players can also use it up close once they master the weapon.

A Tier- 3-Line Rifle

The 3-Line Rifle is a powerful sniper rifle but is significantly outclassed by the Kar98k. It has a much lower ADS speed, but this can be helped with attachments. But for now, stick with the Kar98k.

Marksman Rifles

M1 Garand

The M1 Garand is an iconic long WWII weapon that is making a welcomed return in Vanguard. This powerful rifle can take out enemies with ease as long as you hit your shots. While it might struggle to find a place in the meta, it is not a gun you should overlook.


A Tier- Revolving Shotgun

The Revolving Shotgun is currently the best shotgun in Vanguard, but that’s not saying too much. This weapon takes two shots to kill and has a long reload time. Prepare for unlocking several attachments to make this gun effective. It does have a decent range, slightly redeeming its other negative qualities.

B Tier- Auto-Loading Shotgun

The Auto-Loading Shotgun can deliver multiple shots quickly. But firing multiple shots is useless if they do not take the enemy down. This gun struggles alongside the Revolving Shotgun and should be avoided for now.


S Tier- Machine Pistol

The Machine Pistol has appeared in previous Call of Duty titles and makes a welcomed return in Vanguard. This sidearm can dish out massive damage and save your life in a pinch. Remember, switching to your sidearm is always faster thane reloading.

A Tier- 1911

The 1911 is another classic gun that has appeared in several Call of Duty games. This sidearm can finish off hurt enemies and packs a significant punch for a pistol. Don’t doubt the 1911 in a tight situation.

B Tier- Ratt

The Ratt has a high fire rate but deals significantly less damage than other pistols. This gun should only be used to finish off damaged enemies. Taking on an SMG or assault rifle with the Ratt is a death sentence.


FS Fighting Knife

The FS Fighting Knife is your last line of defense. The saying “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight” applies to Call of Duty: Vanguard. Consider using your knife when you get the drop on an unsuspecting enemy, but don’t expect to live long if this is all you have available.


A Tier- Panzerschreck

The Panzerschreck is one of two launchers currently available in Vanguard. This heavy weapon can deal massive damage, although it is incredibly cumbersome. We don’t recommend running around with this weapon but to each their own.

B Tier- M1 Bazooka

The M! Bazooka is the other launcher available in Vanguard. It also destroys everything caught in its blast, but it feels slightly less effective than the Panzerschreck. But, it can still get the job done when you need the extra firepower.

Jalen Lopez

Jalen Lopez

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