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Everything You Need to Know About TFT Set 6

Bradley Long

The newest set of Teamfight Tactics is finally here. Set 6 of Riot’s League of Legends autobattler goes live with Patch 11.22. The set theme of Gadgets and Gizmos brings a new aesthetic to TFT alongside a multitude of new champions and traits.

TFT Set 6

Gizmos and Gadgets is bringing loads of new content to Teamfight Tactics. (Image courtesy of Riot Games)

Several champions are making their TFT debuts in Gizmos and Gadgets. Recent LoL additions Vex and Seraphine join the roster for the first time, as do iconic champs Orianna, Quinn, and Zac. Coming off the heels of Set 5: Reckoning, Gadgets and Gizmos looks like TFT’s most ambitious set to date. To make sure you’re ready, we’re covering the new set mechanic, the set’s Legendary units, and some of the unique traits you’ll come across in Set 6.

Hextech Augments

At the heart of Set 6’s gameplay is the set mechanic, Hextech Augments. At three points in the game, before rounds 1-3, 3-5, and 5-1, each player will be offered a choice of three Augments that will enhance their game in some way. By the end of the game, the player will collect three Augments that will help guide their decision-making throughout. Augments come in three tiers, and every player will be offered Augments of the same tier at the same time.

The variety of Augments is tremendous. Some offer straightforward buffs to your team, such as Celestial Blessing which causes your units to heal for a portion of damage dealt. Sunfire Board applies burn damage and lowers healing across the entire enemy team.

Hextech Augments

Hextech Augments should make every game feel different in Set 6.

Others could impact your economy and your choices around rolling or buying experience. The Rich Get Richer gives you extra gold immediately and lets you earn up to 7 interest per round instead of the usual 5. Hyper Roll provides 3 gold if you have less than 10 at the end of the round.

Then there are Augments that will affect how you position your units. Knife’s Edge gives a damage buff to units in the first two rows. It’s great for melee carries, but forces tough choices for ranged units. Sniper’s Nest encourages static positioning by giving bonus damage to Snipers who stay in the same hex over multiple rounds.

The simplest Augments might just be those that affect the traits on your board. That can be Emblems that give one of your units an additional trait or the Soul Augments that treat your team as having two additional units of a specific trait. There are also Augments that give units of a trait an additional bonus, such as Cram Session, which gives Academic Units extra mana after their first cast.

There are over 140 different possible Augments, though some of those are just the same effect at different tiers. With all the different possible combinations, Augments ensure that no two games of TFT will play out quite the same. Adaptability and finding the optimal composition based on your Augments will be the keys to success in Gizmos and Gadgets.

Legendary Units

Set 6 is also introducing some of TFT’s most interesting 5-cost units yet. Each comes with game-changing abilities and situations that will allow them to shine.

Akali is this set’s Legendary Assassin unit. Her spell allows her to dash through an enemy composition, dealing damage and marking every unit she hits. When marked targets hit an HP threshold, she dashes back to them and executes them with a satisfying flourish.

Jayce brings a new twist never before seen in TFT. As a Transformer, he has both a ranged and melee form that give him potential as a frontline tank or backline carry. Both forms have tremendous potential, depending on your needs.

Kaisa is a Mutant Challenger whose AoE damage spell ramps up as the fight goes on, firing more projectiles each time she casts. If you can keep the fight going, she’ll become a monster that can wipe out enemy boards.

Galio is one of the tankiest units TFT has ever seen. As a Colossus, he takes up two champion slots on your team, but he earns his keep with a massive AoE knock-up on his spell.

Galio TFT Set 6

(Image via Riot Games)

Jinx serves as the most fearsome AD carry in Set 6. As a Twinshot, she can dish out massive damage, especially when paired with Vi to activate the Sister trait. Watch out for her spell, which covers the arena in fire that burns both friendly and enemy units.

Yuumi brings another new concept to the TFT realm. Her Cuddly trait makes her attach to the nearest ally and provides them a huge shield. Throw in the AoE CC that her spell brings to the table, and Yuumi can fit into nearly any team comp.

Viktor is Gizmos and Gadgets’ premier AP spellcaster. The Chemtech Arcanist fires death rays that criss-cross the battlefield and decimate opponents caught in their path. Give him time and the right items, and he’ll fry your enemies.

Tahm Kench returns to TFT with a kit befitting the River King. His spell causes him to eat the target, dealing big magic damage and taking them out of combat. If he kills the unit, he then spits out an item component or that unit’s gold cost. Plus you can power Kench up each round by feeding him a unit to give him additional stats.

There’s one last extra special unit, only available in the right circumstances. If a player is running Yordles, and they manage to obtain 3-star copies of all six Yordle units, the trait will start giving out one copy of Veigar each round. Veigar is never available in the shop, so he’s quite tough to hit. When he does appear, however, the payoff is his huge meteor shower ability and the immense magic damage it can put out.

Exciting Traits Galore

Coming out of Set 5, which featured a number of traits that provided pretty straightforward stat buffs, the TFT set out to get more creative with Set 6. They’ve done just that with a number of incredibly unique traits, many of which are entirely new to TFT.

Some traits will be familiar to returning players. Assassins are back again with the usual bonus to crit chance and damage. Bodyguard functions almost identically to Vanguard from previous sets. Innovators are another version of Cultist from Set 4 or Set 5’s Abomination.

Other traits will give TFT players a brand new experience. Socialite highlights a single hex on the board and gives bonuses to whichever unit you put in the spotlight. Scrap will turn some of your item components to full items each round. Each game, Mutant units will gain a different bonus of some kind, leading to a huge variety of gameplay. For more information on all the traits, check out this infographic.

TFT Set 6

All in all, Gizmos and Gadgets looks to be a huge shakeup for TFT Set 6. Hextech Augments should keep the game fresh for a long while and the variety of playstyles is tremendous. Across the board, units feel unique and satisfying to play and the traits insure that no two comps will play the same. Early response has been largely positive, and TFT is as healthy as ever at the launch of Set 6.