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Best TFT Compositions to Climb in Set 6

Mike Plant

Teamfight Tactics Set 6 just dropped and is available on live. Don’t worry about all the new units and item changes. We’ve put together five of the strongest compositions you can play to crush TFT Set 6 ranked ladder right now.

TFT Set 6

We're here to help you pick the best augments in TFT Set 6. (Image via Riot Games)

Arcanist Lux

Archanist Lux

Core Units (Cost): Leona (3), Taric (3), Lux (4), Seraphine (4)

Arcanist Lux is a great comp for when the Socialite hex is in the backline. By playing both Taric and Seraphine, you can get the mana generation bonus for Lux. Lux will want both Academy and Archanist active. Play around whichever of the two you are hitting. Splashing in Braum is always helpful for Bodyguard. You can drop Leona if you have another Academy to use and add Vex solo frontline with more Arcanists. Viktor can be a second Archanist carry, as Malzahar is a placeholder to activate the trait.

Items: Jeweled Gauntlet, Infinity Edge, Deathcap

Lux generates mana by killing units, so prioritize heavy damage. The combination of Jeweled Gauntlet, Infinity Edge, and Deathcap is as much damage as you can fit. Blue Buff can be good to help Lux ult faster and you can’t use a Socialite hex. Tank items go on whichever of Leona or Vex is your frontline. Utility items like Chalice of Power or Banshee’s Claw can go on Janna or another Arcanist. Yuumi is a great holder of Morellonomicon.


You must scout to see if you can greed Lux in a corner hex. The most important thing is to buy as much time as possible for Lux resets. Clump against assassins and space your backline out against caster comps. Don’t be afraid to put some of your ranged units closer to the frontline if it helps stall. Keep Yuumi next to Lux.

Sniper Jhin

Sniper Jhin

Core Units (cost): Jhin (4), Orianna (4), Janna (4)

Sniper Jhin is also a very flexible comp. The most important pieces are to pair Jhin with Orianna and a second Sniper. Caitlyn works well because her ult can sometimes snipe a corner carry. Caitlyn also can be paired with Vi for Enforcer. If running those two, it makes sense to go with a Brawler frontline. Tahm Kench prefers the tank items, though Dr. Mundo does well if you splash in Chemtech. Taric can be added in for Socialite and Enchanter if there’s a backline hex for Jhin. Yuumi can add Scholar with Janna.

Items: Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, Giant Slayer

The three-item combination of Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and Giant Slayer allows Jhin to shred through any frontline. Jhin prefers damage to attack speed, so Deathblade is another useful item. With no big secondary carry, utility items like Zeke’s Herald and Banshee’s Claw can be built. All tank items will go to Tahm Kench.


Scouting is an important part of playing Jhin. While you want to maximize Sniper value, you need to pay attention to enemy Blitzcranks and Zephyrs. Sometimes it’s worth sacrificing some damage to keep Jhin safe. It’s often best to put your second Sniper on the opposite side to draw away some aggro. If you’re facing many assassin players, clump your Bruisers on top of Jhin to keep him protected.

Challenger Fiora & Yone

Challenger Yone Fiora

Core Units (cost): Leona (3) Fiora (4), Yone (4), Braum (4)

Challenger is one of the most flexible comps in TFT Set 6. Fiora and Yone are the dual carries and activate Challenger together. Leona is a preferred frontliner for Academy. Braum is the other top-tier Bodyguard. From there, you can play what you hit. Adding more Challengers is better than more Academies because it buffs both carries. Kai’Sa can be replaced with any lower-tier Challenger. Camille and Orianna are preferred to add the Clockwork bonus.

Items: Infinity Edge, Jeweled Gauntlet, Hand of Justice, Thief’s Gloves

You can prioritize items on either one of Fiora or Yone. Fiora can delete an entire team with the Infinity Edge and Jeweled Gauntlet combo. If you have no healing augment, it’s good to round out her items with Hand of Justice or Bloodthirster. Secondary carry items go on Yone. Thief’s Gloves are ideal, but Runaan’s Hurricane is his best offensive item. Tank items go to Leona, as she will survive longer than Braum.


As a mostly melee comp, most of the units will be in the front two rows. Assuming you’re running Socialite, you will position your most itemized carry into it. It’s ideal if that’s in the front two rows. However, it’s still worth it to utilize the hex if it’s in the back. Orianna can be used as Blitzcrank fodder in the backline. Leona should be positioned to take the first damage with her tank items. Fiora and Yone should be positioned off to the side to minimize the damage they take.

Imperial Sion

Set 6 Imperial Sion

Core Units: Swain (2), Talon (2) Cho’Gath (3), Sion (4)

This entire composition is about buffing Sion. Swain and Talon are in for the Imperial buff. Cho’Gath gives Sion Colossus to take less damage. Kassadin offers Protector, while Malzahar completes the Mutant trait. However, the only really important part is getting Sion in with Imperial buff. Socialite is great if it’s in one of the three spots in the front row, but can’t be utilized by Sion otherwise.

Items: Jeweled Gauntlet, Infinity Edge, Hand of Justice

This is another composition focused on one-shotting, so use the same items. Infinity Edge and Jeweled Gauntlet are the core. Hand of Justice offers some healing, but you could opt for more damage with Deathcap. A defensive third item is also okay. The rest of the items don’t matter. Your team lives and dies with Sion.


This comp has the easiest but most important positioning. Sion goes in the front middle hex and does not move. If the Socialite hex is one to the left or the right, it’s worth it to move one over. Sion needs to be front and center to reach the enemy backline. We also prefer that he takes some damage to cast faster, so position melees to one of his sides.

Chemtech Urgot

Set 6 Chemtech Urgot

Core Units (Cost): Zac (3), Dr. Mundo (4), Urgot (4)

This comp uses Urgot and Dr. Mundo as the carries for the Chemtech trait. Zac is a natural fit as another Chemtech and Bruiser. You can add in more Chemtechs in Lissandra and Viktor to get to five, or add more Bruisers. Adding Vi and Cho’Gath gets you to four. With these two you can run Kog’Maw and Caitlyn for Twinshot, Sniper, Mutant, and Enforcer. Drop Kog’Maw and Caitlyn for Jinx and Jayce if you hit late game.

Items: Runaan’s Hurricane, Giant Slayer, Sunfire Cape

Urgot’s best item is Runaan’s Hurricane for synergy with his ult. After that’s complete, you can build whatever damage items you hit. Giant Slayer helps cut through tankier compositions that you may struggle against. Dr. Mundo likes tanky items that dish out damage like Sunfire Cape, Ionic Spark, and Bramble Vest. Secondary carry items go on Kog’Maw or Jinx. Secondary tank items go on Zac.


Very straightforward positioning. Bruisers on the frontline, Urgot on the second row. You can put Urgot further back if there is a socialite hex, but he will walk up to use his ult. Make sure there is a unit behind Urgot if there are assassin players.