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Twitch Rivals Recap: Apex Legends Showdown 4

Izabela Tomakic

Celebrating the Gaiden event and anime as a whole, Twitch Rivals hosted the fourth Apex Legends Showdown event on July 26th. 20 first-class trios with intimidating talent and unbridled game understanding clashed in six matches. While the first three matches went down on World’s Edge, the final three games played out on Storm Point. Besides bonus elimination points, the winning squad of each round received 12 points. The second-place trio were awarded nine points, with each subsequently-placed team getting 2 points less. 

twitch rivals apex legends showdown 4

Image Credit: Electronic Arts

The total prize pool for Apex Legends Showdown 4 was $50,000. The top trio received $7,500, with $6,000 going to the second-place trio. However, each subsequent and slightly less lucky team was awarded $1,200 less. Lastly, the player with the most eliminations received a bonus prize of $200.

The casters for Apex Legends Showdown 4 were Twitch Rivals guru Caleb “WavePunk” Simmons, Apex Legends caster and scholar Stella “Parallaxstella” Chung, and esteemed esports commentator Evan “Raynday” Raynr. The front-runners of this wildly stacked tournament, according to the casters’ opinions, were teams led by Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin, HisandHersLive, and Acie.


The first game of the fourth Apex Legends Showdown began with teams evenly spread out across the map to test strategies. This, naturally, resulted in a slow early game. However, as the ring was shrinking, this almost casual game turned into a nerve-wracking nightmare with many teams barely holding on. In the end, Team TiffaJessi confidently cleared the area and won the round.

Since players got the ball rolling with the first game, the second match was brimming with violence and sheer brutality, predominantly brought about by the team led by Christian “Noko” Feliciano. However, teams led by Evan “verhulst” Verhulst and HisWattson saw similar success. Eventually, Team Verhulst overran their competition with a dominant performance that placed them on top of the elimination scoreboard.

Game 3 was defined with reserved and disciplined gameplay across the board, as many teams began carefully picking their battles. Although Team Noko once again displayed unrelenting ambition to win and unmatched stamina, they still fell short of surviving till the very end, finishing their run in fifth place. However, the team led by Lane “Surefour” Roberts unreservedly took their place under the sun and went from zero to hero by winning game 3.

Adopting the new controlled strategy, the fourth match developed in a similar fashion to the third, with an extremely slow-paced early game. Since even the most ferocious teams struggled with breaking defenses, the game transformed into strategic hide-and-seek. However, the teams’ ruthlessness kicked in as the ring began closing in, leaving little to no hiding places. Finally, with their overwhelming force, mechanical skills, and intuition, Team HisWattson took over the show and finished game 4 in first place.

In game 5, Team HisWattson once again displayed almost inhuman talent in Apex Legends with their superior positioning, pushing, and rotations. Although Team Verhulst showcased similar expertise to Team HisWattson, their tyranny was primarily owed to strong loot. Seemingly, Team Surefour, which methodically resisted and outlasted the top dogs, would win game 5. However, the team of Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith, like a true dark horse, snatched the win under their nose.

Team HisWattson, determined on making the idea of catching up to them a mathematical impossibility, outshined their competition with provoking and brutal plays that only further dissuaded the enemy teams from even trying to contest them. One of those teams that made their peace with Team HisWattson winning the tournament was Team TiffaJessi, as they restructured their gameplay and focused on playing defensively in order to survive. Surprisingly, this approach secured them a win in the final game.

Although Team TiffaJessi’s final win almost leveled the score, Team HisWattson was still the clear winner of Apex Legends Showdown NA.