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Apex Legends

Respawn Reveals Rampart Abilities Ahead of Season Six

Lawrence "Malystryx" Phillips

We got a glimpse of Rampart’s abilities and maniacal laughter in the fresh trailer for Season Six on August 14th, but Respawn Entertainment have now confirmed what the brand new legend will do in a character trailer. Rampart, “the best modder in the Outlands”, looks set to be a static defender legend much like Wattson, but with far more personality.


Apex Legends’ newest legend Rampart arrives as part of Season Six. (Photo courtesy Respawn)

Tactical Ability: Amped Cover


Rampart will construct her own cover-walls with Amped Cover. (Photo courtesy Respawn)

Rampart’s Tactical Ability will be called Amped Cover, and will allow players to fortify positions. After using Amped Cover, Rampant will construct a crouch-cover wall that blocks incoming fire. As an added bonus the top side of the wall will increase the damage of outgoing shots, very similar to Baptise’s Amplification Matrix in Overwatch. In the character trailer posted on August 16th (above), Rampart has three walls set up simultaneously, strongly suggesting it will have a low cooldown much like Wattson’s Perimeter Security.

Passive Ability: Modded Loader

Rampart’s passive Modded Loader is mentioned very briefly in the character trailer, but it is far from uninspiring. Modded Loader will boost magazine and heat capacity, as well as increase reload and recharge speed when using LMGs and her Minigun “Sheila”. The passive syncs well with the lore behind the character, and might encourage LMG weapons to get more playtime, in particular Season Six’s new addition the Volt.

Rampart’s Ultimate Ability: Emplaced Minigun “Sheila”


Rampart’s ultimate sets up her deadly Minigun Sheila as a controllable turret (Photo courtesy Respawn)

As expected based on her cameos in trailers for Season Six, Rampart’s ultimate will let her turn her personal minigun “Sheila” into a stationary turret. The Emplaced Minigun has high ammo capacity, but has long reload times. More importantly the fine print states the machine can be operated by anyone, even your enemies.

While there is a buzz around the addition of a new legend, her abilities have stirred fears it could lead to a surge in camper comps featuring Wattson and Rampart. However, considering Rampart is a stationary target while using the minigun, she might not be as overpowered as everyone expects. One thing is for sure though, she definitely has character.

Season Six is set to go live at 10 p.m. PDT on August 17th. Season Six welcomes Rampart, map changes and the introduction of crafting terminals.