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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Emergence Adds New Legend, Updates

Jalen Lopez

Season 10 of Apex Legends is almost here, and fans can expect a lot of new content to enjoy. Apex Season 10, known as Emergence, adds the new Legend Seer, who is the perfect choice for players that like providing their team with intel. Fans can also get their hands on the new Rampage LMG, which can be transformed into a devastating close-range weapon. Players can also expect several bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and various updates to legends and weapons.

Apex Legends Emergence

Get ready for an exciting new season. Image via EA.

Get ready for Seer

Season 10 introduces Seer, the latest legend coming to Apex Legends. Seer can track enemy heartbeats while aiming down sight, even without a weapon. His Focus of Attention ability activates microdrones that emit a blast that goes through walls, revealing enemies and interrupting their actions.

His Exhibit ultimate ability creates a sphere of microdrones that reveal the footsteps of enemies if they’re moving quickly or firing their weapons. Finally, he can also use the survey beacons to locate the next circle’s location.

World’s Edge makeover

World’s Edge is also receiving an update in season 10. Players can explore the new Climatizer and Lava Siphon points of interest, replacing the Harvester and Sorting Factory locations, respectively. Fans can read more information about the map changes here.

The Rampage and Ranked Arenas

The new update also introduces the new Rampage LMG, which delivers a powerful punch. But it also has one of the lowest rates of fire in Apex Legends. However, players can boost the weapon with a thermite grenade to increase its rate of fire. This transforms the weapon into a deadly close-quarters killing machine.

Fans can also enjoy the new Ranked Arenas mode, which set two teams of three against each other. Players need to play ten placement matches to earn their MMR and rank. Remember that winning the match is the only requirement to improve your rank.

Weapons, bugs, and quality of life changes

The Emergence update also adds several changes to weapons and legends. Fans can also rest easy knowing dozens of bug fixes are shipping with the update, and new quality of life changes will improve the gameplay experience. Players can read the official patch notes for a list of these changes.