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VALORANT Patch 2.01 Overhauls Split and Nerfs Jett

Jalen Lopez

VALORANT Patch 2.01 builds on the changes introduced in patch 2.0 and introduces a major overhaul to Split. Jett can longer fill the role of a Controller, and taking sites and moving around should be much easier on Spit with the new changes.

Valorant patch 2.01

Attackers will have an easier time taking sites. (Photo courtesy Riot Games)

Patch 2.01 also addressed several bugs, adjusted the AFK restrictions, and allows players to hide custom game results from their match history.

Jett update

Riot Games focused on balancing Controllers in Patch 2.0, and the latest patch further defines their role by shortening Jett’s Cloudburst ability from seven to four and a half seconds.

Jett’s smoke duration was increased to seven seconds in Patch 1.0, but Riot has partially reverted the update to prevent Jett players from filling a Controller role. The long smoke time allowed players to use Jett as a substitute for a controller in certain situations and allowed teams to take sites or areas of the map quickly.

The change still allows Jett to cover an area briefly and quickly, but teams will need to rely on a Controller for longer cover going forward. Riot also confirmed the pattern of Duelists “superseding more utility-focused Agents” and that they will continue to work on the problem going forward.

Split changes

Split received a significant overhaul in VALORANT Patch 2.01 to make it more balanced for the attacking team. The changes remove several 50/50 checks, deep corners, and open areas by increasing the width of chokepoints.

Valorant 2.01 Split

The B main doorway’s width has been increased to make it easier to navigate for attackers and more difficult for defenders to stall their advance. A new crate in this area provides more cover and allows attackers to throw utility into the site from a new angle.

There is also a new trash pile in the site that prevents defenders from hiding too deep in the corner, but it also creates a new angle into B main. The spike plant zone was also increased on the B site, and players have a new spike plant location that can be covered from within B main.

A new stack of crates was added in B site that provides extra cover from B heaven when pushing into the site. This object breaks up the vertical 50/50 angle and creates a new hiding spot for both teams.

A deep corner towards the defender’s spawn was reduced to make it easier to push from B site into the spawn, and a cubby was removed in the path between the defender’s spawn and stairway to B heaven.

The vent room entrance’s width in mid was increased, and a new sloped wall in the Vent room was added to eliminate another 50/50 check spot when entering from mid.

The market area was simplified to make the map feel more open and allow players to clear the area with less utility. The cubby in the sewer was also reduced to eliminate the deep corner.

Valorant patch 2.01 haven

The doorway’s width to A Tower was increased, making it harder for defenders to cover the entrance. The slope of the back-right corner of A site has been slightly adjusted to help attackers clear it earlier, but it is still safe from A heaven. The wall depth near screens was altered to add more cover when moving out of the area without using utility.

Competitive and Social updates

VALORANT players can now hide custom game results from their match history, which is especially important for professional players. Previously other players could look at the history to try and figure out the strategies players were working on, but this should negate the issue.

Players can no longer add players on the enemy team, and teammates with the privacy/streamer mode enabled will not have the Add Friend button near their name.

The queue restrictions for AFK-ing in-game and during pre-game have changed to prevent players with connectivity issues from being punished while dealing harsher penalties for players AFK-ing on purpose.

AFK forgiveness has been added for a certain number of rounds, but repeated occurrences will result in higher queue restrictions.

Bug fixes

Patch 2.01 addressed several bugs and issues in VALORANT. Jett and Omen can no longer fake defuse while teleporting or dashing, and Raze’s Boom Bot can no longer be placed through certain walls.

A full list of the changes and bug fixes in Patch 2.01 can be found here.