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The best Jett players in VALORANT

Scott Robertson

No agent in all of VALORANT can alter a round’s momentum like Jett can, and that’s including an agent that can literally resurrect an ally. Jett’s combination of mobility, verticality, and smoke cover makes her dangerous from any area. And when the knives come out, Jett can turn a save round for her team into a stylish thrifty win.


The most electric agent in VALORANT is a game-changer at the highest level. Image via Riot Games.

Jett is dangerous in anyone’s hands, but certain pro players can carry the load of an entire team. Players who’ve mastered the character’s mobility send enemy agents scattering when she breaks out the knives. Here are some of the best Jett pro players in all of VALORANT.

Andrej “babybay” Francisty – FaZe Clan

Ruthless aggression wasn’t just a phrase that launched a new era of professional wrestling. It’s an apt description of how FaZe Clan approaches the game of VALORANT and how its star duelist Babybay takes over while on Jett. While Babybay and FaZe’s aggression was initially punished after the team’s roster construction, the addition of coach Trippy has refined the method to be one of the most dangerous in the game.

faze babybay

FaZe’s Babybay brings an Overwatch-style approach to VALORANT, unleashing the “full Smeag” on North America. Image via Robert Paul for Blizzard.

Dubbed “Smeag” style by babybay and “anti-CS” style by coach Trippy, babybay attacks his opponents with ultra-aggressive angles and unconventional peeks. Using the tendencies of opposing former CS:GO players against them, he’s proficient at catching opponents off guard. He’s dangerous with both Operator and other rifles and isn’t afraid to push with his teammates alongside him to provide trades.

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo – Sentinels

TenZ has consistently been a dangerous Jett player since VALORANT first came out and has only gotten better with time. In his initial stint with Cloud9 Blue, he put up the highest statistics of any other Jett player in the world. He’s a disgustingly snappy aimer with incredible game sense who’s smartened up in his return.

c9 tenz

TenZ hasn’t lost a step since returning to active competition for Sentinels. Image via BLAST.

A big issue he faced in Cloud9 was forcing aggression because he felt he needed to for the team to succeed. His first kill/first death differential was horrendous. With Sentinels, he’s playing smarter as part of a team. He only peeks when they can be traded and holding smart angles. But he can still break out a hero play when called upon, and his aim is still as crisp as it’s always been. While the strong foundations on Sentinels ensure that anyone could have joined and thrived, it doesn’t get much better than TenZ. His future with Sentinels is still in question, but there’s no doubt that he’s a hot commodity.

Matthew “Wardell” Yu – Team SoloMid

He doesn’t miss. Wardell was the shining star of North America in the lead-up to First Strike. With the Operator in his hands, he was deadly accurate and mastered the art of using Jett’s dashes to escape after an early pick. When the early days of a Jett-defined meta in North America were occurring, Wardell was at the peak of that mountain.


A consistent streak from Wardell on Jett means trouble for the rest of NA. Image via DreamHack.

After a disappointing start to VALORANT Champions Tour for himself and TSM, Wardell looks more like his 2020 self in recent matches. Between the last Challengers event of stage one and Challengers Two in stage two, his KD ratio, combat score, damage output, and clutch percentages increased. He was electric in TSM’s revenge game against Gen.G in the open qualifiers, with 52 kills and just 18 deaths over two maps. He’s back.

Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek – Acend

Jett is a staple of most North American teams. But she’s becoming more popular in Europe, and players like Acend’s cNed are a big reason why. The 19-year old from Turkey is putting up insane numbers, like Cloud9 TenZ numbers, and winning. Acend rode the tailwinds of cNed to a Masters One championship, with the Jett player earning MVP honors for the event.


It’s up for debate, but it’s not really a debate. cNed is the best Jett in Europe. Image via cNed.

Over the past 60 days, per, he has the highest average combat score of any Jett player in Europe. He also has the second-highest ACS of any player in Europe regardless of agent (behind TL ScreaM) and the seventh highest in the world overall. Acend stumbled at the end of the second stage of the VCT. But it will be a contender in Stage Three with cNed firing like this.

Unless any significant nerfs alter Jett’s abilities, don’t expect to see these players shy away from her. You can expect more players to pick her as VALORANT continues to grow. Keep your eyes peeled for the next wave of Jett stars.

*Originally published April 25, 2021