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Sentinels VALORANT replace Sinatraa with TenZ at Masters

Scott Robertson

In the wake of the allegations against Jay “sinatraa” Won, Sentinels have acquired the rights to VALORANT superstar Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. Sentinels and Riot Games suspended Sinatraa after allegations of sexual abuse from a former partner came to light in the early hours of March 10th. While the investigation takes place, Sentinels needed to fill a hole in the lineup. They have made an all-star acquisition in doing so.

Sentinels VALORANT

Sentinels are making the best of a bad situation. Image via Sentinels.

Per the VALORANT Champions Tour team, Sentinels requested an exception to the roster lock rule that prevents teams from making late switches. The exception was granted, but due to rule 2.3 of the global competition policy, a player may not be contracted to more than one team. Therefore, Sentinels have “acquired all rights” to TenZ, severing him from the Cloud9 organization. TenZ joined the C9 roster in April 2020 but stepped down from competition in January 2021. Since then, he’s been creating content but is now a permanent fixture for Sentinels. On his Twitter page, both his description and banner image show that he is a permanent addition to Sentinels.

While the circumstances surrounding TenZ’s acquisition are unfortunate, Sentinels still have to be excited about the addition. TenZ was a statistical anomaly during his time on the Cloud9 rosters, putting up unreal numbers on Jett and Reyna. When it comes to fit with Sentinels, bot he and ShahZaM can trade-off Jett responsibilities. TenZ can also play Reyna and ShahZaM can flex to Sova. Sova is a pivotal part of most North American lineups and had been played by sinatraa until now.

Sentinels will make their Masters and TenZ debut on March 12th against Luminosity.