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New VALORANT Map Breeze Revealed

Jalen Lopez

VALORANT players finally got their first look at Breeze, a Caribbean-inspired map with large open areas and a tropical setting.


VALORANT fans have a new map to explore. Image via Riot Games

Breeze takes place in the Bermuda triangle and allows players to fight on an island full of green vegetation and old forts. This is a stark contrast from other maps and is a new and refreshing experience.

The new map was teased with in-game easter eggs and social media posts showing a tropical getaway. Screenshots also leaked earlier this week, but fans finally got their first official look at the map on Friday morning.

The open layout will likely affect team compositions as players will learn what Agents are the most effective in long-range engagements. Short ranged weapons will also be less viable unless players can close the gap between enemies.

The Operator will likely become a necessity for each team to hold sites. Utility will be more important than ever as teams will have to traverse open spaces without cover. This could bring Agents to the forefront that have been overlooked for other options in the past.

Breeze will make its competitive debut at Masters Reykjavik, the first international VALORANT event. A new map veto and selection process will occur before each match as teams decide where they want to face their opponents.

A new map will make the significant event more exciting as teams will be forced to adapt to a unique setting. However, they have a few weeks to prepare, and fans will see their favorite players implement new strategies.

Breeze will be available on April 27th and will release alongside Episode Two, Act Three.