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Nerd Street Gamers to Host First Stage of NA VALORANT Champions Tour

Scott Robertson

Tournament organizer Nerd Street Gamers will produce and host the entire first stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour, per an official announcement by Riot Games. The entire first stage will consist of three Challengers weekends that culminate in the first Masters event, and take place from the end of January through March.

VALORANT Champions Tour

NerdStreetGamers are your hosts for NA's first stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour. (Photo courtesy NSG)

Open qualifiers for the first Challengers event will take place between January 27th-31st, with the closed qualifier taking place between February 4th-7th. The second Challengers event’s open qualifier will run from February 10-14, with the closed qualifier running from February 18th-21st. Then, the third Challengers event’s open qualifier take place between February 24-28, with the closed qualifier happening on March 4th-7th.

This will culminate in the first international Masters event, which will be split between the dates of March 13th-14th and March 19th-21st. The top three teams from the North American Challengers events, which leads to its own Challengers final, will represent the region at the Masters event against teams from all across the world. The teams with the most circuit points in their region at the end of all three stages will advance to the world championship event of the VALORANT Champions Tour.

Nerd Street Gamers have been a familiar face in the fledgling world of North American VALORANT since the game’s inception. NSG hosted a collection of events from the first set of competitive tournaments, Ignition Series, and hosted one of the two main qualifiers for the First Strike event. Since the Tour will be using and open qualification system, any team of players that are ranked Immortal 1 or higher can register for the qualifiers. The open qualifiers are 128-team single-elimination tournaments, with the top eight teams moving on to the closed qualifiers.

At the most recent Nerd Street Gamers event, the Winter Championship, Luminosity Gaming upset Sentinels in a thrilling, five-map grand finals.