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LG YaBoiDre: “You’ll definitely see more Jett in the future”

Scott Robertson

Despite losing their opening map to Immortals, on their own pick of Split, Luminosity VALORANT wasn’t worried. Even while heading to a favorite of Immortals, Haven, with one of their top players on an agent they’d never played in a pro match, LG was confident they could come back. Hours later, they accomplished just that, reverse sweeping Immortals to keep the dream alive at the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters One event.

Luminosity VALORANT

The Luminosity VALORANT roster runs deep in fragging potential. Image via LG.

After their spectacular victory, Luminosity’s Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond spoke to Hotspawn about the team’s comeback and what Luminosity’s greatest strength is. He also talked about his out-of-nowhere Jett pick on Haven.

Hotspawn: What or who brought this team back after losing your own map pick of Split?

YaBoiDre: We weren’t too heartbroken. We know that we can come back; we came back in plenty of series. At Nerd Street Gamers Winter [Championship], we were 2-1ing all of our maps. So we were still confident, and we were feeling good on Haven.

Hotspawn: Is a loss like that easier to swallow when it’s one guy like ShoT_UP going off like that?

YaBoiDre: Definitely, he had like seven first bloods and no first deaths. That was one of his best maps ever, and we were pretty confident that wasn’t going to happen again.

Hotspawn: A completely unexpected selection from you with Jett on Haven; is this something that’s been in the back pocket, or was this a spur-of-the-moment thing?

YaBoiDre: Kind of a spur-of-the-moment. We’ve been talking about practicing Haven because we feel like our map pool is really weak right now. So during these past scrims on Haven, I’ve been talking about really wanting to play Jett. I felt like I’d be really good on her compared to Raze [on Haven]. It just worked out for us. You’ll definitely see more Jett in the future and on more maps.

Hotspawn: We see you and thief at the top of the scoreboard on Haven, and we’ve seen a lot of that over Challengers. What makes this duo so deadly?

YaBoiDre: We’re not really scared of anyone, and we don’t really respect any player. We just take the fights like we know we’re going to win them. We’re just confident.

Hotspawn: You and Thief on Haven, stellar and aproto on Bind. Is this team’s deep fragging ability something that other teams don’t have?

YaBoiDre: Our strong suit isn’t really our strategies; we just depend a lot on teamwork and taking fights together. That’s the main thing that puts us above other teams. As time goes on, we’re going to get better as a whole, with strats and everything, and we’ll be way more complete. But our firepower is our strongest suit right now.

Hotspawn: Finally back in the win column after a few tough series, how do you retain momentum during this next week off?

YaBoiDre: We’re just gonna grind it out hard. We’ll take a break tomorrow to watch the games, then get right back to it. We’re gonna study all the teams, including Envy and FaZe, and just make sure we’re ready.

Luminosity VALORANT will face Team Envy on March 19th at 5:30 pm CT.