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How VALORANT Patch 3.0 Affects the Meta

Jalen Lopez

Patch 3.0 is one of the biggest updates in VALORANT history. The new patch drastically changes the in-game economy by adjusting agent abilities and weapons costs. This forces players to reconsider how they approach rounds.

VALORANT Patch 3.0

Patch 3.0 emphasizes precise gunplay with cheaper weapons and more expensive abilities. Image via Riot Games

The new competitive meta will likely focus on precise gunplay as abilities will cost more and appear less frequently. Additionally, new agents might increase popularity with improved abilities that can help them become viable options in team compositions.

Players will also need to deal with KAY/O. The new killer robot is capable of opening a site single-handedly and disrupting annoying post-plant lineups.

Agent changes

Patch 3.0 significantly changed the cost of abilities for almost every agent in VALORANT. As a result, some of the most viable agents like Jett and Sova received changes to the cost of their abilities, making them more expensive or increased their cooldowns.

These agents will likely remain popular in professional team compositions, but their abilities will appear less often. Players will need to decide which abilities are worth purchasing each round and will be hesitant to use their ultimate abilities as they both cost an extra ultimate point.

Breach, one of the agents that has seen little use in professional play, also received an increase in cost for his abilities. But his abilities were also buffed to make them more effective. Skye also received changes that make her slightly more effective, meaning both Initiators might see an increase in pick rate.

The increased cost of abilities also means players will have them less often for post-plant lineups. A significant part of the meta involves agents hiding off-site after planting the spike and covering it with an ability. Therefore, players will need to budget more or specifically save their abilities for the post-plant lineup, reducing the instances of them occurring.

These changes are unlikely to knock the top agents out of their spots, but they will allow other agents to shine in specific maps or situations.

Weapon changes

shorty valorant patch 3.0

The shorty is one of five weapons that have seen their price decrase in Patch 3.0 (Image via Artstation)

Patch 3.0 also reduced the price of several weapons and updated every gun to help eliminate run-and-gun gameplay. These changes emphasize tactical and precise gunplay, rewarding players for not running and gunning.

The Shorty, Bucky, Stinger, Marshal, and Operator are now cheaper, allowing players to purchase them more often. The Marshal and Stinger are excellent mid-tier weapons that can make the difference in early rounds. They are also effective during save or eco rounds and are deadly in the right hands.

The Shorty and Bucky are powerful close-range weapons, and the lower prices might attract more players to use them. The Judge is the only weapon that increased in price and moved from 1,600 to 1,850. The Judge is a potentially devastating weapon when used correctly, and the higher price point is an excellent decision.

The most significant price change introduced is for the Operator, however. The powerful sniper rifle now costs 4,700 instead of 5,000. As a result, players can potentially purchase the sniper rifle earlier in matches if they budget correctly.

This slight price reduction will attract more players to use the powerful weapon and is an excellent counterbalance for the increased costs of abilities. It is still one of the most expensive weapons in VALORANT, but it is now slightly more affordable.

Patch 3.0 also adjusted every weapon in VALORANT to reward precise gunplay and to reduce the run-and-gun style. Bullet Tagging was adjusted to reduce an issue created by slowed enemies becoming more accurate even if they were not intentionally slowing down. Weapon Dead zones were also adjusted, meaning players become inaccurate when moving slightly faster than before.


Another significant change is KAY/O, the new Initiator capable of suppressing enemy abilities with ease. KAY/O can help gather intel on enemy movements with his suppression blade, which can also suppress multiple enemies caught in the blast.

KAY/O can also use his flash grenade to help his teammates or flash himself into a contested area. His kit is currently one of the most well-rounded options in VALORANT, and it is unlikely that he will not become a staple of the meta.

KAY/O further disrupts the post-plant meta as he can rush enemies and prevent them from covering a planted spike with their abilities. This can buy his team enough time to defuse the spike and takes away the power of post-plant strategies.

VALORANT Patch 3.0 requires players to rely on their gun skill instead of abilities. KAY/O further removes the effectiveness of their abilities with his suppression abilities. The post-plant meta won’t be as effective as abilities cost more, and there are more ways to counter these lineups and strategies.

Some Agents might become more popular, and players using the top agents will have to be more mindful with their credits. Patch 3.0 will be active during the first week of VALORANT Champions Tou Stage 3. The best teams will need to quickly adapt if they want to remain competitive.