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Gen.G gMd: “I think we’ve had XSET’s number since the beta”

Scott Robertson

With a dominant 2-0 victory over XSET, Gen.G continues their lower bracket run at VCT Masters One. Gen.G lost their opening series in close, heart-breaking fashion to Team Envy, while XSET got blasted by FaZe Clan.

Gen.G announced they've raised funds from investors such as Will Smith, Keisuke Honda and Dennis Wong.

Gen.G beat XSET and will move forward in Masters One.

Unfortunately for XSET, their run at Masters came to an end via another one-sided affair. Gen.G’s Shawn “Shawn” O’Riley was electric on Ascent and had a mountain of support from Kenneth “koosta” Suen and Danny “huynh” Huynh on Haven. After the win, Gen.G’s Anthony “gMd” Guimond sat down with Hotspawn to talk about his dynamic duelist duo and how anyone can slow down the red hot FaZe Clan.

Hotspawn: How are you feeling after such a big win?

gMd: I think we’ve had XSET’s number since the beta, but I think they’ve been improving a ton. Losing to Envy wasn’t embarrassing, so we retained the confidence coming into the next match. We’re pretty happy; we’re happy to move on.

Hotspawn: What would you say was the biggest difference in the team today versus your series against Envy? 

gMd: I mean, we’re definitely not playing the same team. Envy plays super default and with more structure with FNS being their leader. XSET is more of a new team that wants to create chaos, and that’s what they did. Against a team like that, it can go either way; if the chaos works for them, it’s a blowout.

Hotspawn: Does the mindset or strategy change now that Gen.G is in the lower bracket?

gMd: Nothing changes. We need to win the whole thing; it doesn’t matter if it’s from the lower bracket or the upper bracket. You have to win every game anyway.

Hotspawn: What does having a duelist duo like huynh and Shawn do for you as the IGL?

gMd: Well, obviously, it makes the job easier; if someone’s dropping 30, I should call B rushes every round. Both of them have been super consistent, which is very helpful. It’s definitely different playstyles, though. Huynh is Op-ing, so there’s less entry, but Shawn doesn’t care. He does the same thing every round, no matter what—both the styles work.

Hotspawn: How does huynh stack up to the other prominent NA Jett players?

gMd: I think babybay is a monster. It’s hard to keep being consistent on Jett, though; if you have a bad game, you have a real bad game. [Huynh] is up there; he’s been a great Jett player since beta. FaZe plays around babybay, but we don’t play around Huynh. I think he’s a better team player.

Hotspawn: If you end up playing babybay and FaZe, how do you slow down a prolific player like him?

gMd: Honestly, you’ve got to be stacked up with your team; he may get one, but he’s got to be traded. If he wants to push, he dies. I don’t think we should focus on him too much. I don’t want to focus on their game, I want to play my game.