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Evaluating the VALORANT NA Masters One Agent Meta

Jalen Lopez

The VALORANT Champions Tour NA Masters One event has indeed, and Sentinels took home the crown after an undefeated run. The top eight teams in the region fought their way through the Challengers events for a spot in the first Masters tournament of the year.

VALORANT Masters One Agent Meta

VCT Masters One showed what Agents are being used the most by the top teams in the region (Image via Riot Games)

Sentinels may have claimed the first major victory of the year, but the other seven teams also provided valuable insight into what compositions the best teams of the regions are using. The star Agents have not changed since the VALORANT First Strike event, but a few Agents did make more appearances than expected. Let’s take a look at the VALORANT NA Masters One Agent Meta.

Omen is king

Omen was, unsurprisingly, the most used Agent in Masters One. According to, Omen had a 100% pick rate in every match and across every map. Omen is an essential part of every team composition. His powerful ability kit is viable on defense and offense.

The other available Controllers, Brimstone and Viper, were not selected in any of the 33 matches in the Masters One finals. This was the same case during First Strike, and both Agents are still considered less viable than Omen in compositions.

However, Astra, the latest Controller introduced to VALORANT, was not available during Masters One. Some players believe she will become a viable Agent that can rival Omen in team compositions. Some professional teams have already started practicing with Astra in their compositions, but fans will have to wait and see if she can finally dethrone Omen.

All-powerful Sova

Sova was the second most used agent during Masters One with a 94% pick rate. The powerful initiator appeared in 100% of matches on Haven, Ascent, Bind, and Icebox. But Sova was not a part of any compositions on Split, which was expected. His abilities are not appropriate for the map’s tight spaces but are powerful in every other option.

All teams preferred other options besides Initiators as Breach and Skye were also left on the sidelines on Split. Breach did appear in 17% of matches during the tournament but only appeared on Haven and Bind.

Skye, the newest Initiator in VALORANT, did not appear in any matches in the Masters One finals. She only had an 18% pick rate during First Strike, and the best teams in the region have decided to leave her out altogether.

A mixed bag of Duelists

Duelists are an essential party of any composition, but the final teams preferred different Agents for different maps.

Raze and Jett were the most selected Agents with a 70% and 56% pick rate, respectively. Raze appeared in 100% of the matches on Bind and Split, although these maps only appeared nine times throughout the tournament in total.

Sentinels only used Raze on Bind and Icebox, while FaZe Clan used the Agent on every map they played in at least one instance. The variety of compositions, including Raze, shows how she is a powerful Agent that can be used or ignored based on specific maps or situations.

Jett appeared the most on Haven with a 65% pick rate and the least on Split with a 24% pick rate. Again, teams only played Split twice during the Masters One tournament, so it is unclear if other teams would have used the Agent.

Phoenix and Reyna were selected 32% and 24% of the time during Masters One. Phoenix appeared in 50% of team compositions on Haven but much less on the other maps. He also did not appear at all on Split.

Reyna appeared the most on Split and was part of three out of four team compositions. She also appeared in 33% of compositions on Ascent, but many teams preferred other options on other maps.

Yoru was the only Duelist not to appear in any compositions in the finals. He is also the newest Duelist in VALORANT, which means he will likely receive updates to make him more viable in the future.

The return of Sage

Sage did not appear in any compositions during First Strike, but she did appear in 26% of compositions in Masters one. Sage was selected the most on Icebox and Split, with an 80% and 100% pick rate, respectively.

Many teams have used Sage’s kit for certain strategies on maps and have added her to the rotation in some scenarios. She is still not a popular choice, but the higher pick rate is an improvement.

Four Agents were not selected during the Masters One finals. Astra was not available during the tournament, and it is unclear how she will impact the meta going forward. Omen is still a clear favorite of every team, and Sova and Raze are also possible choices.

The VALORANT meta is constantly changing, and Agents will likely see more or less use in every significant event. Each region also has a unique Agent meta. The clash of styles at the first international events will further impact team compositions in each region.