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Dire Wolves Announce First Members of VALORANT Squad

Jalen Lopez

One of the biggest Oceanic esports organizations, Dire Wolves, announced the first two players on their VALORANT roster on Thursday.

Dire Wolves

Another organization has entered the VALORANT esports scene. (Photo courtesy Dire Wolves)

Dale “Signed” Tang and Noah “Nozz” McClafferty are the first two players to join the Dire Wolves VALORANT team. They will be led by Head Coach Kevin “AVRL” Walker, a popular FPS analyst and caster in the region.

AVRL was heavily involved in the Oceanic Overwatch scene as a caster and analyst. He casted the Overwatch Contenders in the Australian, Pacific, and Korean regions. He also casted the Overwatch Pacific Championship in 2017 and was a committee member for team New Zealand at the Overwatch World Cup later that year.

Nozz and Signed are Oceanic players who have competed in various VALORANT tournaments in the region. They are both talented players and solid first choices for the Dire Wolves VALORANT team.

Dire Wolves General Manager Craig Nimmo expressed his excitement about joining the new VALORANT esports environment: “VALORANT has really taken the esports world by storm, and as a part of this new era of the Dire ,it felt natural to us to field a roster in this groundbreaking FPS. The game is fantastic, and whilst it’s new, Riot Games has created an incredible esport and ecosystem in League of Legends and we’re thrilled to be a part of this new ecosystem.”

The VALORANT competitive scene is still in its infancy stages, but Riot Games has confirmed that they have plans for a global esports scene. Fans will have to wait and see how the Dire Wolves will fit into the plan and if they can establish themselves as a strong team.