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Dignitas drop entire men’s VALORANT roster

Scott Robertson

Just days before the team was set to compete in the next stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour, Dignitas is no more. Reports surfaced on March 31 that the organization was set to drop it’s men’s team before the start of the open qualifier. Minutes later, the team’s in-game leader Rory “dephh” Jackson confirmed the reports on Twitter. A few minutes after that, the organization confirmed the reports on their Twitter with an official announcement.


Dignitas is pulling out of the men's VALORANT scene, for now. Image via Dignitas.

In the initial reports from Daily Esports, the organization was unhappy with the “underperformance of the roster paired with inflated salaries.” While the exact figures and range of salaries is unknown, the team has struggled to perform and establish itself as a top team in North America. The team’s best results were a semi-final appearance at Pop Flash. The team also made a grand finals appearance at Pittsburgh Knights Before Christmas. Apart from that, success has been sparse. The team has gone through various short-term trials of players with varying degrees of success. Noah “rara” Giesbrecht and Ryan “ryann” Welsh joined full-time a month ago after their trial.

Dignitas struggled in the first phase of the VCT as well. The furthest it progressed was Round 16 in the open qualifier for Challengers 2. It didn’t even compete in the open qualifier for Challengers 3. According to dephh, the now-former Dignitas players will still play together. The team will compete in the second stage of VCT as a pug squad.

The organization is not completely pulling out of VALORANT. In their announcement post, they said they are still committed to their women’s team. Their women’s team also competes in the competitive CS:GO space as well as in VALORANT. This past weekend at Game Changers 1, the Dignitas women’s roster finished 4th, falling to CLG Red in the lower bracket third round.