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CLG Introduces All-Women CLG Red VALORANT Team

Jalen Lopez

CLG has entered the professional VALORANT scene with CLG Red VALORANT lead by team captain Benita “bENITA” Novshadian. CLG will reveal the remainder of the team in the next few weeks.


CLG has entered VALORANT with an all-women VALORANT roster. (Image via CLG)

CLG formed the original CLG Red CS:GO all-women team in 2015 to create a space for women. The team found great success and established itself as one of the best in the world. The team has won several tournaments, including both DreamHack Showdown Summer and Winter 2020: North America.

BENITA is one of the original members of CLG Red, an eight-time world champion, and will serve as the team captain for the new team. She helped the original CLG CS:GO team win multiple titles before switching to VALORANT in 2020. It is unclear who will fill the remainder of the roster, but CLG confirmed it will reveal the other players in the coming weeks.

“I’m so honored and proud to be the in-game leader and captain of this new project,” bENITA said. “It’s a dream to have multiple games within the Red brand.”

The new VALORANT team is “building on that championship mindset with CLG Red VALORANT” and hopes to find similar success in a new title.

Other organizations like Cloud9 and Moon Racoons have established all-women VALORANT teams, and CLG Red will help further create a space for women in professional VALORANT. The new roster will compete in the VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers series, which is exclusively for women.

The first VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers Series I Open Qualifier starts on March 19.