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EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review

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EWin Knight Series Ergonomic


EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair

Finding the right gaming chair can be difficult, especially if it is your first time. The EWin Knight Series is the perfect chair as an entry point into the world of gaming chairs and more.

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Searching for a good entry into the gaming chair market can be difficult, especially considering the cost of some products out there. EWin is here to help with their affordable and solid Knight Series of chairs.

EWin has been around since 2016 and has clearly put plenty of time and effort into its products. But, should you be rushing out to buy their Knight Series?

EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Specifications

Chair Height: 53.5 inches/~4.5 feet

Maximum User Height: 6’1

Weight Limit: ~220 lbs

Tilt: 85 to 155 degrees

With any gaming chair, you first need to ask just how easy it is to assemble. The Knight Series was easy to build by one person in about 30 minutes or so. The instructions were pretty straightforward, as long as you follow the arrows on the paper.

The first thing you will likely notice when sitting in the chair is that it is firm. The back and the seat are both pretty stiff when you first sit on them and can cause some discomfort. However, this is for the best in the long run as the Knight Series is designed to provide long-term support and take care of your body. EWin accomplishes this by using a unique “Cold-Cure” foam rather than the typical foam most chairs will use. It is a little harder and heavier than the usual foam you will find, but its design is meant to hold up longer over time and provide consistency for the user.

With the in mind, there is both a head and lumbar support pillow included. The head pillow sits well for the user, and even though it is removable I would not recommend doing so. Most gaming chairs have that head pillow for a reason and removing it feels weird. The lumbar support is a little bigger than others on the market, which could be off-putting for some. Luckily, you can very easily remove that without making the chair greatly uncomfortable.

One of the biggest perks of the EWin Knight Series is the ability for plenty of adjustments. The chair reclines upwards of 155 degrees, the 2D adjustable armrests, the already mentioned pillows and even plenty of color options. Additionally, the Knight Series is made with PVC leather, which is not something usually found in chairs in this price range.

Of course, with such a stellar price point, there are some things you need to compromise on. If you have a larger frame than the Knight Series likely is not the best choice. The height and weight limits are not even close to the best on the market. There are other chairs made by EWin that would be better options, but not at the price of the Knight.


Overall, the Knight Series is a model that does basically everything slightly above average but doesn’t do any one thing exceptionally better than everyone else. But, there are far worse things than choosing a gaming chair that is good at everything, knowing you are getting a well-built product.

If you are looking for a solid gaming chair at a great price point, you are going to be hard-pressed to top the EWin Knight Series.

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