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DXRacer G Series Gaming Chair Review

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DXRacer gaming chair


DXRacer G Series Gaming Chair

The DXRacer G Series is one of the best gaming chairs on the market. The price point might be high for some, but it is worth the quality.

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DXRacer has established themselves as one of the premier makers of gaming chairs. Though they create a multitude of chairs, the G Series is often the chair most people think of when they think of DXRacer. Combining excellent construction, design and materials, the G Series is one of the top gaming chairs you can find. But, do the pros outweigh the cons for you?

DXRacer G Series Gaming Chair Specifications

Maximum User Height: 6’2

Weight Limit: Up to 243 lbs

Tilt: 90 to 135 degrees

Colors: Black, Black and Red, Black and White

Armrests: 4D

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Like all DXRacer products, the G Series was incredibly easy to put together. I was able to assemble it solo in about 20 minutes will no issues whatsoever. The biggest perk to DXRacer assembly is the inclusion of their special hex tool. Though it may seem small, years of experience have led to DXRacer creating the best tool for the job. It is long enough to be able to turn 360 degrees without ever hitting another piece of the chair and the handle makes it easy to use.


The first thing you will likely notice about the DXRacer G Series is the upholstery. The PVC leather used on the G Series is incredibly soft while still clearly being able to take the wear and tear that comes with frequent use. PVC leather typically has some issues with breathability, but the G Series actually manages to do a very good job at keeping good airflow. There was still some sweat after prolonged use, but that is to be expected with any gaming chair that is not made with mesh.

One of the biggest selling points to the DXRacer G Series chair is the tremendous amount of adjustability. You have the obvious adjustable components like the recline and the height, but there are plenty more. The 4D armrests are a feature in all high-quality gaming chairs and the G Series is no different. Being able to adjust an armrest properly and exactly to best fit you is both for comfort and to prevent long-term strain. Many products also include the tilt functionality, so you can rock as much or as little as you want in the chair. The DXRacer G Series is one of the best at this, with a smooth rocking that does not feel like you need to force it.

Of course, adding the head and back pillows also makes a world of difference. We spent time without the pillows and the G Series was pretty comfortable thanks to its memory foam construction. But, adding these truly does take the chair from good to great. There are some other manufacturers that struggle to find the right balance on the pillows, making them too big or too hard. However, DXRacer got it just right (shout out to my girl, Goldilocks). The pillows are the perfect size, shape and construction to help you sit comfortably without it being obnoxiously noticeable.


The DXRacer G Series is not a chair built for the larger gamer. With a recommended height limit of 6’2 and a max weight recommendation of 243 lbs, it falls short of some competition. This is not something that will apply to everyone, but if you are looking for a chair for anyone outside of those perimeters, you likely need to look elsewhere.

The only other real knock on the G Series is the price. You will be paying a premium for the excellent construction and quality from top-to-bottom. You can likely find a cheaper gaming chair with the same features as the G Series. Those cheaper options will not be built as well as the G Series, but that is a trade-off for spending less.


The DXRacer G Seris gaming chair is one of the best on the market. You can tell the years of experience that the company has had designing and building racing and gaming chairs have been put into their product. There are reasons to pause for some users, specifically the size recommendations and the price, which are more than understandable. However, all and all, the DXRacer G Series Gaming Chair is the quintessential gaming chair.

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