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The New Overwatch Experimental Patch Notes Are Weird

Olivia Richman

A cursed limited-edition experimental card has dropped in Overwatch featuring over-the-top balance changes from some well-known Overwatch players. The results are super weird and Overwatch fans are unsure if they like the changes or not.

Every single Overwatch character received “over-the-top balance changes” in the newest Experimental Card. Minki “Violet” Park, San Francisco Shock’s flex support, made some shocking changes to support heroes. Twitch streamer Flats took on tank heroes. And streamer Somjuu made some unusual updates to DPS heroes.


Not sure.


Here are the changes.

Hero Updates — Tank


D.Va’s most entertaining update is her melee attack going from 30 to 100. The Korean mecha fighter also had the size of her Defense Matrix reduced by 10% and her Booster speed increased by 25%. The duration was also increased. Basically, D.Va can now fly right into enemy faces and punch them to death.

D.Va update


Orisa was nerfed pretty hard by Flats, who clearly hates this tanky robot. Orisa’s health changed from 200 health and 250 armor to one health and 399 armor. Her Protective Barrier’s health was reduced from 600 to 300. Orisa can also be headshot while using Fortify. BUT she dos get a Christmas hat.


Reinhardt’s armor health was increased to 225, making his total health 525. The Barrier Field also saw a health increase from 1600 to 2000. Fire Strike saw its damage reduced but it now has two charges and an increased projectile speed. Reinhardt’s Earthshatter ultimate now deals 400 damage. There is also an added voiceline: “You shame yourself.”


Roadhog saw a bit of a nerf, with his maximum health reduced to 500 and his Scrap Cannon pellet damage reduced to 5.0. His healing was reduced from 300 to 250, which — as a Mei main — I really enjoy. The Chain Hook ability saw a boost, however, with the damage increasing from 30 to 70.


Sigma’s health increased from 300 to 400, making it 500 total. Sigma is now able to hold jump while airborne to slow his descent. Sigma also had Accretion impact damage increased to 40 and explosion damage increased to 50. Kinetic Grasp now increases Sigma’s movement speed by 100% while active. Oh, and his Experimental Barrier is gone. Completely gone.


Winston deals 100% more damage to deployable objects like barriers and turrets. He also doesn’t get knocked back as easily. The buff also made his Jump Pack deal up to 100 damage to enemies within four meters of the launch location. Its travel speed was increased by 30%.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is more mobile than ever. While rolling, his jump height has been increased by 100%. He can also change directions a lot faster. Grappling Claw’s max duration is now 3.5 seconds and Piledriver has reduced damage.


Zarya has a pretty hefty buff. Her Particle Cannon had minimum damage increased to 85 per second. Her secondary fire explosion no longer hurts herself and the knockback was increased by 150%. Her Particle Barrier’s health was increased up to 250 and the size was also increased by 50%. Her Projected Barrier saw the same changes.

Hero Updates – DPS


The cowgirl’s Coach Gun has two charges thanks to Somjuu. Her Dynamite had a slightly increased cooldown and her aim down sights movement penalty was reduced from 30% to 10% during Take Aim.
Ashe Overwatch


With a new name comes some other changes. Peacekeeper’s secondary fire damage has been increased from 50 to 55. He can also use Combat Roll while airborne. But what really stands out is that Deadeye has more tumbleweeds. This could be a way to distract enemies. Maybe?


While in Tank mode, Bastion has 100 bonus armor. Have fun.


Doomfist’s health has been reduced from 250 to 225 (Somjuu loves making very small health and damage changes).


The king of obnoxious DPS has been made even harder to heal with increased wall climbing speed and a regained Double Jump while climbing. Basically, Mercy has no chance of healing a Genji spamming “I need healing.”


Hanzo is back, baby! WOOO! YEAH BABY! THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT! Yeah, Hanzo’s Storm Arrows now ricochet off surfaces up to five times.


Junkrat’s grenade count is increased by 100% and his grenades drop in a 30% wider area. His Concussion Mine also has increased maximum damage (120 to 125, as Somjuu continues to make very minimal changes).


If you hold crouch while airborne, you now increase Pharah’s falling speed. Her cooldowns for Concussive Blast and Jump Jet were also reduced by one second. Okay, Somjuu did you get the memo? Did you see D.Va’s punching? Orisa’s hat?


Reaper’s Shadow Step saw a movement speed increase of 40%. His shotgun also has reduced pellet spread. Basically, you’ll want to get closer to enemies to get a better shot at, well, shooting them.

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 automatically reloads his Heavy Pulse Rifle after three seconds of sprinting. His weapon also has a 10% damage increase while using Tactical Visor.


Sombra’s hacked targets now take 20% increased damage for three seconds. This change isn’t looking good for Roadhogs now that their health is reduced. Sombra’s weapon is also more accurate now.


Teleporting now increases movement speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds.


The turret-obsessed shorty’s Rivet Gun has a reduced recovery time and his Forge Hammer has increased damage, going from 55 to 75. Forge Hammer also does 125 while Overload is active.


Recall restores all of Tracer’s Blink charges. Her Pulse Pistol’s also have increased ammo, going from 40 to 50. Tracer mains are already having a wild time. And tank mains are sad.


Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight resets her Grappling Hook’s cooldown. She also has increased minimum fire after falloff and maximum damage increased from 13 to 15.

Hero Updates – Support


Violet is taking his job as a support very seriously. Ana’s Sleep Dart now has a reset cooldown every time sleeping targets are eliminated. She can also use Nano Boost on herself.

Anna Overwatch


Baptiste can use his healing grenades on himself now. But his Regenerative Burst now damages enemies instead of healing his teammates. His Exo-Boots deal 40 damage to enemies that are within four meters of his landing. Basically, jump into the enemy backlines and then use Regenerative Burst.


Brigitte no longer heals allies with Inspire. Now it reduces the cooldown of Repair Pack by half a second. Her Repair Pack charges have been increased from three to five. He should have deleted her from the game entirely but whatever.


Lucio’s Sound Barrier cost is reduced by 30%. It now deals massive damage to enemies when Lucio lands directly on top of them. His Sonic Amplifier also had its fire rate increased by 15% while Wall Riding. After one second of Wall Riding, the bonus is reduced by 50%.


Killing Blows extend the duration of Valkyrie by three seconds. Her healing is reduced from 55 to 40 HPS over two seconds while her Caduceus Staff is connected. Healing returns to its normal HPS over two seconds while not active. Mercy’s Resurrect can also be canceled, refunding 50% of its cooldown.


Moira’s Biotic Grasp healing now consumes Moira’s own health if used while out of energy. Her Biotic Orb also has some interesting changes. Allies that receive at least 100 healing from the same Biotic Orb are cleansed of status effects. Enemies that suffer at least 100 damage are slowed by 30% for 1.5 seconds.


Zenyatta’s Discord Orb damage amplification has reduced to 20%. It can now be applied to Barriers, Turrets, and other attachable objects. It no longer reveals the position of its targets through line of sight. Transcendence saw some nerfs, with total healing being reduced from 1800 to 1200. It applies Discord Orbs to nearby enemies.

Are the new Experimental Changes in Overwatch for real?

I don’t know but the game needs it.

Overwatch has been a drag to play for a while now, with super long queue times for DPS mains, a lack of communicative teammates, and a lack of new content. The game is quite stale, making some of the imbalances more noticeable than before.

Having a wacky change like this is a bit refreshing, although it sort of just feels like an arcade mode. Some of the changes were also pretty crazy while others were minimal and almost seemed real. Check out all the updates here.