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Pine Signs with Dallas Fuel for OWL Return

Bradley Long

Fresh off the high of its May Melee title, the Dallas Fuel has added OWL legend Do-hyeon “Pine” Kim to its roster. The former NYXL star is set to return to the league after his retirement at the end of the 2019 season.

Dallas Fuel Pine

Pine is set to make his triumphant return to the OWL stage with the Dallas Fuel. Photo Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

The Dallas Fuel is already one of the most popular teams in the league this year. The Fuel continue to build goodwill by bringing in one of the most beloved players in Overwatch League history. At the same time, it is filling the one remaining hole in its roster by signing the hitscan DPS. Pine dazzled with his incredible play on heroes like McCree and Widowmaker in the league’s inaugural season. He earned the nickname Big Boss for his propensity to go for plays no one else would attempt.

Now he joins the Fuel as it celebrates its victory in the first tournament of the season. The Fuel’s win over the Shanghai Dragons in the May Melee Grand Finals proved that this team can achieve greatness. Despite the doubt and adversity they’ve faced to start the year.

Before the start of the season, Fuel DPS Gihyo “Xzi” Jung announced that he was stepping away from Overwatch to focus on persistent neck and back issues plaguing his career. It was a tragic loss of a potential superstar for the league. It also left the Fuel without a traditional hitscan threat. Dallas has made the best of a bad situation. It has found unique comps and plays around the hero pools of both Yeonghan “SP9RK1E” Kim and Dongha “Doha” Kim on the way to their title.

Now, however, the Fuel will have the full complement of DPS heroes at its disposal. Pine is expected to join the team in person in about a month and fill Dallas’s hitscan role. It’s been more than two years since Pine has played an OWL match. But if he can regain his form, the Dallas Fuel has found a replacement for Xzi who can help it stay at the top of the league.

Following the team’s May Melee win, the Dallas Fuel return to action in Week 7 of the OWL. League play resumes on Friday, May 21st at 2 PM ET on the OWL Youtube channel.