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Overwatch PTR Patch Notes: Goodbye Double Shield?

Craig Robinson

Blizzard has rolled out the newest Overwatch PTR patch that aims to directly nerf the double shield meta adopted by seemingly everyone over the past several months. In addition, there are several other balance changes to a variety of heroes, with an in-queue feature update.

The reduction of shield values for several main tanks on the Overwatch PTR looks to end the double shield meta (Image via Blizzard)

The reduction of shield values for several main tanks on the Overwatch PTR looks to end the double shield meta (Image via Blizzard)

Meta Changes

The double shield meta has dominated the Overwatch competitive scene in recent months. In the most recent Overwatch World Cup, this was adopted by every team, causing less intrigue for fans and players alike. Blizzard is now responding to the meta’s domination and is ding so in numerous ways. Some of the changes include armor value now reduces five damage from the previous three and shield values of Sigma and Reinhardt being lowered.

“[C]hanges to armor, Orisa, Sigma, and Reinhardt are aimed at decreasing the overall amount [of] time players spend damaging barriers while improving the individual heroes in other areas,” Blizzard said in the patch notes. “This is a significant change to the pace of the game and we’ll be monitoring these heroes closely to ensure they retain impactful gameplay in the tank role.”

General Notes

  • Armor damage reduction increased from 3 to 5


  • Base armor increased from 200 to 250
  • Fusion Driver -Movement speed penalty reduced from 30% to 20%
  • Protective Barrier – Health reduced from 900 to 600
  • Fortify -Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds to 8 seconds


  • Experimental Barrier -Health reduced from 1500 to 900
  • Barrier health regeneration rate reduced from 150 to 120 health per second
  • Kinetic Grasp Cooldown reduced from 13 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Damage-to-shield gain ratio increased from 40% to 60%


  • Barrier Field -Health reduced from 2000 to 1600
  • Movement speed penalty reduced from 50% to 25%
  • Steadfast (Passive) -Knockback resistance increased from 30% to 50%

Other balance updates

Some necessary changes have been made to level the tank playing field, whilst also targeting other meta offenders.

  • Moira’s Biotic Grasp Healing reduced from 4 to 3.25 (80 HP/s to 65 HP/s)
  • Va’s Defense Matrix Cooldown decreased from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds
  • Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook Cooldown increased from 10 to 12 seconds
  • Torbjörn’s Overload cooldown decreased from 12 to 10 seconds
  • Genji’s Shuriken ammo increased from 24 to 30
  • Zarya’s Particle Cannon (Secondary Fire) explosion radius increased from 2 to 2.5 meters. Ammo cost decreased from 25 to 20

Feature updates

More options have opened to as you wait to find a game. This will allow players to get a more player-driven warm-up, whilst also flattering their other in-game features.

  • Practice Range – Now available to be entered as a group
  • Skirmish – Spar freely with other players without keeping track of the score
  • Deathmatch – Compete for the top place on the scoreboard
  • Custom Game – Pick a custom game from the Custom Game Browser or create your own game mode
  • Note that Custom Game will have to have the new setting “Allow players who are matchmaking” available in order to be selected

The remaining patch notes, bug fixes and features can be viewed here.