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Sojourn in Overwatch 2: How to Play

Bradley Long

Sojourn is Overwatch’s long-awaited hero 33 and the first new hero released for Overwatch 2. A sliding, railgun wielding commando, Sojourn feels right at home in the fast-paced environment of the sequel to Blizzard’s hero shooter. For longtime fans of Overwatch, Sojourn plays very similarly to Soldier: 76, using mobility to find the best angles for sustained damage.

sojourn overwatch 2

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Sojourn’s Abilities


Sojourn’s primary fire is a rapid-fire weapon that shoots fast-moving projectiles. Hits on enemies or shields with the projectiles charge up her secondary fire, a powerful hitscan shot. At full charge, it can eliminate non-tanks with a single well-placed headshot. This can be Sojourn’s most impactful tool, so steady aim will go a long way toward success.

Disruptor Shot

When using this ability, it’s easy to picture Sojourn as an Overwatch officer tactically controlling the battlefield. Sojourn fires a projectile that creates an area of effect on impact that slows enemies and deals damage over time. While the damage can be significant, Disruptor Shot’s slow is huge for setting up Sojourn and her teammates. Catch your opponents out in the open with the slow and then knock them down with those charged Railgun shots.

Sojourn Overwatch disruptor

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Power Slide

To get the most out of Sojourn, you need to play aggressively and find creative angles to put in damage. Luckily, Power Slide is the perfect mobility tool for the job. Powered by rockets, Sojourn slides quickly along the ground with the option to cancel into an upward jump at any time.

This ability does it all. Need to quickly flank your opponents? Easy. Want to access high ground and bypass enemy shields? Done. Step too far forward and looking to make a slick escape? Slide right on outta there. The ability is on a low 6-second cooldown, making Sojourn incredibly tough to pin down.


Sojourn’s ultimate ability takes her Railgun and turns the dial up to 11. For 9 seconds, her secondary fire charges automatically and can also pierce enemies. While it’s active, Sojourn can get off multiple shots that can potentially kill enemies instantly.

Like all aspects of Sojourn’s kit, Overclock requires a great deal of skill to really take over a fight. In the right hands, however, it can be a devastating barrage that will cause your opponents to run for cover. The good news is Sojourn has all the tools to flush them out and chase them down for unreal highlight moments.

How to Play Sojourn in Overwatch 2

Of all the damage dealers in Overwatch 2, Sojourn is among the most versatile. Her primary fire is great for poking at enemies from all but the longest ranges. The instakill potential from her secondary fire makes her extremely dangerous to enemy DPS and supports. Plus, her mobility gives her the option to go on aggressive flanks for superior angles.

Deciding when to go for those plays is vital for a successful Sojourn. Despite her tools for skirmishing at the edge of fights, Sojourn isn’t much of a duelist. She struggles in 1v1 scenarios against heroes like Tracer, Genji, or Echo. A smart Disruptor Shot can swing the tide, but a Power Slide out of danger is often the best option if you find yourself isolated on the flank.

Sojourn Overwatch slide

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

On a similar note, always be aware of where your supports are playing. It can be tempting to overextend to get the perfect angle on a Railgun shot, but Sojourn doesn’t have any way to survive without healing from her teammates. Power Slide is a great get out of jail free card, but it’s always best to have an escape plan before you get in trouble.

Getting the most out of Sojourn means putting her Disruptor Shot to great use. The 15-second cooldown means players have to be discerning, but its impact can be massive. It can be dropped in a choke point to halt a push or thrown to finish off low-health enemies behind cover. Its best use, however, comes when a team is on the retreat. Use a Power Slide to chase them down and get the mid-air angle for a shot that cuts off any exits.

Advanced Tips for Sojourn in Overwatch

  • Don’t stop shooting. Thanks to a quick reload animation, Sojourn can be sending damage downrange pretty much constantly. Any hits you land, even against shields, will charge your secondary fire, so spam away.
  • Use the jump from Power Slide to get away from immobile threats. If you’ve got a Reinhardt or Orisa bearing down on you, pop up to some nearby high ground to run where they can’t follow.
  • Save your Disruptor Shot for the right moment. The ability will do crazy damage to grouped-up enemies in close quarters, so don’t just throw it out on cooldown.
  • Pair Sojourn with Zarya for some nice synergy. Her bubbles will allow Sojourn to play aggressively, and a Graviton Surge is great for setting up Railgun headshots or a huge Disruptor Shot.
  • You don’t have to go for headshots. The one-shot potential with Sojourn’s secondary fire is tempting, but you don’t always have to go for the hero play. It can be difficult to land, so try to weaken enemies before finishing them off with a body shot.
  • Reposition often. Sojourn is one of the best heroes in the game for traversing the battlefield, so use that to your advantage.
  • Press the advantage. Sojourn is great at hunting enemies as they fall back. Any time your team can find a pick or significant damage, look to push forward with Power Slide and finish off any stragglers.

Whittle down your opponents’ shields before you use your ultimate. Overclock can be super impactful, but only if you have clear sightlines for those powerful piercing shots.

One of the most demanding heroes in Overwatch 2, Sojourn is all about finding opportunities and making the most of them. She requires excellent aim, map awareness, and timing to succeed, but her potential is unbelievable. Those willing to put in the work will be rewarded with a hero that feels phenomenal to pilot and encourages high-octane gameplay.

Bradley Long

Bradley Long

Bradley is a freelance writer who started his esports journey with Overwatch’s launch in 2016. Since then, he’s thrown himself headfirst into the competitive scene at all levels. When he’s not writing about the Overwatch League, he’s probably casting Tier 3 tournaments or playing with his cats.

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