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Ramattra in Overwatch 2: How to Play

Bradley Long

The second season of Overwatch 2 has arrived, and with it comes Ramattra, the game’s newest tank hero. A fearsome omnic with the ability to switch into different forms, Ramattra rewards both aggression and defensive play, if you can pick the right moment to shift gears. The fourth new hero for Overwatch 2, Ramattra also represents the first major expansion of the game’s lore and worldbuilding in the sequel.

Ramattra Overwatch

With two different forms, Ramattra is one of Overwatch's most versatile tanks. (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Originally built as a war machine during the Omnic Crisis, Ramattra eventually found his way to the Shambali Monastery, where he became a monk and lived alongside Zenyatta. Seeing the continued oppression of omnics worldwide, he turned his back on the idea of peace and founded the radical faction Null Sector. With what we’ve seen of the coming Overwatch 2 story missions, Ramattra and Null Sector will be among the game’s primary antagonists.

In the meantime, Ramattra is already making an impact on Overwatch 2. His versatility and defensive tools make him quite powerful, especially with team comps that like to fight from range. Ramattra can swap between two forms, Omnic and Nemesis, depending on the situation. Omnic is his base form and gives Ramattra abilities to fight from range, while Nemesis form transforms him into a hulking behemoth that wants to get up close and personal.

Ramattra’s Abilities

Void Accelerator (Omnic Form Only)

Ramattra’s primary fire is easily one of the strongest parts of his kit. He shoots a stream of fast-moving projectiles from his staff with a high rate of fire and no damage falloff. The damage is similar to that of Orisa’s primary fire, but Ramattra will have a much easier time landing that damage, especially at range.

Ramattra Overwatch

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Void Barrier (Omnic Form Only)

Ramattra summons a shield at the target location up to 35 meters away. The shield is stationary with roughly the size and health of Sigma’s. The shield only lasts four seconds and comes with a 13-second cooldown, so you have to be deliberate with its use. Still, the ability to place it at range instantaneously makes this an incredibly powerful defensive tool.

Nemesis Form

Ramattra shifts into his secondary form for 8 seconds with an 8-second cooldown after the transformation ends. During that time Ramattra grows in size and loses access to Void Accelerator and Barrier. However, he also instantly gains 225 armor and a 25% movement speed buff for the duration. Additionally, Nemesis Form gives access to two new abilities, Pummel and Block.

Pummel (Nemesis Form Only)

While in Nemesis Form, Ramattra’s primary fire switches to powerful punches with a range of 12 meters. Each punch does 60 damage and can pierce through shields, enemies, and some defensive abilities like D.Va’s Defense Matrix or Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp. Pummel is great for finishing low-health enemies while in close range.

Block (Nemesis Form Only)

Ramattra’s defensive tool while in Nemesis Form, Block functions similarly to Doomfist’s Power Block, reducing damage taken from the front by 75%. Block can be toggled on and off at will during Nemesis Form, but slows Ramattra’s movement by 50%.

Ravenous Vortex

Ramattra’s one ability available in both forms, Ravenous Vortex launches an arcing projectile that activates when it hits the ground, creating a circular field that damages and slows enemies within for a few seconds. The field extends upwards for 9 meters and pulls airborne enemies towards the ground. The damage is meager, but the slow effect can be great for controlling space.

Ramattra Overwatch

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment


The final piece of Ramattra’s kit is his ultimate, Annihilation. When activated, Ramattra shifts into Nemesis Form until the end of the ultimate and produces a damage-dealing aura around him with a radius of 13 meters. Enemies inside his ultimate and in line of sight take 30 damage per second while it’s active.

Annihilation has a three-second timer that only decreases when there are no enemies within the effect. As long as any enemies are being damaged by the ultimate, it will remain active indefinitely. This is a completely new mechanic unique to Ramattra and makes Annihilation great for controlling an objective, especially when time is expiring.

How to Play Ramattra in Overwatch 2

Ramattra requires a playstyle unlike any other tank in Overwatch. To get the most out of him, you must wield both of his forms effectively and know when to make the switch. This hybrid style makes Ramattra a difficult hero to master, but in the right hands, he can control the battlefield like no other.

Most of your time will be spent in Omnic Form, which favors poking enemies from range. His Void Barrier has relatively low uptime compared to other shield tanks, so placement is incredibly important. It can be used in a huge variety of ways – giving your team a safe angle, cutting off enemies from their healers, or giving cover for moving around the map. Keep your distance for as long as you can and use the shield to take space and soften up your enemies.

Ramattra Overwatch

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

When the fight gets up close and personal, Nemesis Form is the answer. Pummel is a great tool for punishing enemies that close the gap, especially if you can hit multiple targets. However, you need to be mindful of your health and the position of your supports. Ramattra is an easy target, and the extra armor won’t make him invincible if enemies can focus you down. Block can buy time for your supports to keep you alive, so use it liberally to up your survivability.

Advanced Tips for Ramttra in Overwatch

  • Corners are your friend. When playing in Omnic Form, ducking in and out of cover lets him poke safely without risk of being focused down too quickly. His shield doesn’t last very long, so you need to use map geometry to safely land some damage.
  • Target the squishies. Ramattra’s damage output isn’t incredible, and it’s largely wasted if it just gets poured into the opposing tank. His ability to do damage at range, however, makes him a serious threat to damage and support players in the enemy backline.
  • Bait them in for Annihilation. With its potentially infinite duration, Ramattra’s ultimate can be extremely powerful, but you need opponents in the area first. Wait until enemies burn their mobility tools and then pop it so they can’t run away easily.
  • Emergency health button. If you find yourself in trouble in Omnic Form, swap into Nemesis for an instant armor injection to stay alive. Instantly using Block will give your supports time to heal you back up, at which point you can get back in the fray.
  • Watch for flankers. Ramattra can be pretty effective at protecting his team from enemies looking to get on top of the backline. Void Barrier can buy some time for healing or abilities to come in, and his damage in both forms can be a great deterrent. If you can repel the attacks, Ravenous Vortex is great for cutting off their retreat.

Overall, Ramattra is a hero that will take some time to get used to. Situational awareness is going to be key, but he’ll also require some decent mechanical skill to get the most out of his Omnic Form. After receiving some buffs just after his release, Ramattra definitely has the potential to be one of the strongest tanks in Overwatch for Season 2.

Bradley Long

Bradley Long

Bradley is a freelance writer who started his esports journey with Overwatch’s launch in 2016. Since then, he’s thrown himself headfirst into the competitive scene at all levels. When he’s not writing about the Overwatch League, he’s probably casting Tier 3 tournaments or playing with his cats.

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