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Worlds 2021: When is Worlds and Who has Qualified?

Zakaria Almughrabi

The 2021 League of Legends competitive season is nearing its climax. With each region’s Summer Playoffs either in progress or within view, the question of Worlds is on everyone’s mind. To help you keep up to date with the biggest event in League of Legends, here is everything you need to know about Worlds 2021.

Worlds 2021

Worlds 2021 is just around the corner. Which 24 teams will earn the right to fight for the greatest achievement in League of Legends? (Image Credit Riot Games)

When is Worlds 2021?

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship, also known as Worlds, will begin on Oct 5 with the Play-Ins and culminate at the Finals on Nov 6. Each of the five stages will occur on the following dates:

  • Play-Ins: Oct. 5-9
  • Groups: Oct. 11-13 and Oct. 15-18
  • Quarterfinals: Oct. 22-25
  • Semifinals: Oct. 30-31
  • Finals: Nov. 6

Where is Worlds 2021?

Worlds 2021 was planned to be held in China for a second consecutive year. Whereas last year’s World Championship was limited to just Shanghai due to global health concerns and protocol, this year’s event was planned to feature a national tour across five iconic Chinese cities.

However, on August 23, reports began to surface that Worlds would be moved to Europe. Riot Games confirmed these reports on August 24 via a short video update. No details aside from the move of region from China to Europe were announced at the time.

Riot officially confirmed that Worlds 2021 will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland on Sept 8. The event will take place at the Laugardalshöll Indoor Sporting Arena.

Who has qualified for Worlds 2021?

A total of 22 teams will attend Worlds 2021. The first 12 spots in the Main Event will go to the top three seeds from the LPL, LCK and the LEC, the top two from the LCS, and the top seed from the PCS. The final 10 participants will consist of these regions’ lowest seeds and the six additional minor region representatives. Unfortunately, the VCS will be unable to send their representatives for a second consecutive year due to travel restrictions.

100 Thieves

North America’s first team to qualify for Worlds 2021 was 100 Thieves. 100T finished the Summer Split in second place overall, allowing them to earn their spot at Worlds with a single 3-2 playoffs win over Evil Geniuses. They then fell to the Lower Bracket after a close 3-2 defeat to Team Liquid. In a surprising turn of events, 100 Thieves ran through Cloud9 and Liquid on the way to their first LCS Championship as an organization. This achievement also comes with a pool one seed at Worlds.

Beyond Gaming

The PCS has also seen their first squad lock in a spot at the 2021 World Championship. Beyond Gaming has pulled off a massive upset by taking down PSG Talon 3-2 in the Upper Bracket Finals. While BYG did finish the Summer Split in second place, PSG Talon had yet not lost a game in Summer. With this result, BYG is guaranteed a spot in the Play-Ins at minimum. One last match stands in their way of the PCS trophy and a ticket to the Worlds Main Stage.


Later in the same day, Cloud9 took part in a matchup of the exact same significance as FNC vs G2. The Cloud9 vs TSM rivalry match also went to five games. It was Cloud9 who secured the final North American spot at Worlds 2021. C9 can also earn up to first seed if they win the LCS Championship, but could also finish as low as third with a loss to 100T in the Lower Bracket Finals.

DetonatioN FocusMe

Japan’s representative for the 2021 World Championships will be DetonatioN FocusMe. DFM came into the Summer Playoffs tied in first seed with Rascal Jester. Their Upper Bracket match ended in narrow 3-2 loss, sending DFM to the Losers’ side. After back-to-back 3-0 victories over AXIZ and RJ in the Finals rematch, DFM were able to defend their LJL title and earn their third Worlds appearance.


Last year’s World Champions will be fighting to defend their throne. DWG KIA’s first place finish in the Spring Split combined with their minimum second place finish in Summer guaranteed them at least a pool two seed at Worlds. After earning their record third consecutive LCK Championship in a row by beating T1 3-1, DWG KIA locked in Korea’s first seed. They are the first confirmed pool one team at Worlds 2021.

EDward Gaming

China’s second of four teams to attend Worlds 2021 is EDward Gaming. EDG finished the LPL Spring Playoffs in third place. A top two finish in Summer set them up nicely for a Worlds qualification by Championship points. However, their first post-season match ended in a narrow 3-2 loss to Team WE. EDG then flew through the Lower Bracket, sweeping WE in the rematch to secure a spot in the LPL Finals. An incredible 3-1 upset of favorites FPX has earned EDG their sixth LPL title and first seed at Worlds.


Fnatic was Europe’s third and final team to qualify for Worlds 2021. Their thrilling five game series against G2 Esports determined which team would keep their Worlds attendance streak alive and which would be forced to watch from home. In the end, Fnatic came out on top. Their next win against Rogue guaranteed Fnatic a spot in the Group Stage. Fnatic’s playoff run came to an end in the finals where MAD Lions took a 3-1 victory. Fnatic are now locked into Europe’s second seed.

FunPlus Phoenix 

The first team to qualify for Worlds from China is FunPlus Phoenix. The former world champions were the LPL’s runner-up in Spring, giving them the second most Championship points. FPX then went on to place first in the Summer Split with a 13-3 record before shooting straight to the Grand Finals with two consecutive 3-0 sweeps. Despite being primed for another LPL Championship and first seed, a 3-1 upset by EDG has relegated FPX to second seed at Worlds.

Galatasaray Esports

The Turkish Championship League’s Worlds 2021 representative will be Galatasaray Esports. This organization had been competing in the TCL since 2017. Coming into the year, GS revamped their entire roster, adding many experienced players. Galatasaray were rewarded when they took first place in the Summer Split and carried that momentum into their first TCL title. GS’s 3-0 sweep of NASR Turkey has guaranteed them their first Worlds appearance.


The second Korean team to qualify for Worlds 2021 was Gen.G. By finishing the Summer Split in second place and with DAMWON knocking Nongshim out, Gen.G are now guaranteed enough points to make Worlds. Gen.G’s loss to T1 in Semifinals has knocked them out of the running for first seed. Gen.G also currently has more Championship Points than T1, meaning they are now DAMWON’s biggest fans for the LCK Summer Finals. If DAMWON win, Gen.G will qualify for the Group Stage as second seed.

Hanwha Life Esports

The fourth and final Worlds representative from Korea will be Hanwha Life Esports. Hanwha’s Summer Split was definitely one to forget as they fell to eighth place and missed playoffs. Still, a third-place finish in Spring gave Hanwha enough Championship Points to qualify for the Regional Finals. Despite their weak Summer, Hanwha shocked everyone by cruising through SANDBOX and Nongshim on their way to the last Worlds seed. A narrow 3-2 loss to T1 has locked Hanwha into LCK’s fourth seed overall.

Infinity Esports

The Latin America League has reached its conclusion with Infinity Esports taking a close 3-2 Finals win over Estral Esports. The now back-to-back LLA champions have earned the right to represent Latin American at the 2021 World Championships. This will be Infinity Esports’ second Worlds appearance with their first coming back in 2018. Only jungler Diego “SolidSnake” Trujillo remains from that roster.

LNG Esports

The final team to qualify for Worlds 2021 is LNG Esports from the LPL. Coming into the Summer Playoffs, LNG were only seeded eighth out of ten teams. Even so, upsets over Top Esports and Royal Never Give Up gave LNG enough championship points to play in the Regional Finals. Their 3-0 victory over Rare Atom followed by a 3-1 Finals victory over Team WE qualified the dark horses for Worlds in China’s fourth seed.

MAD Lions

The LEC’s MAD Lions earned their second consecutive Worlds appearance after taking down G2 Esports in their round one playoffs match. Unlike last year however, MAD Lions guaranteed themselves a spot in the Main Event after taking down Rogue in the Upper Bracket Finals. MAD Lions then secured their second consecutive LEC Championship title with a 3-1 victory over Fnatic. With it comes the privilege of being Europe’s first seed at Worlds 2021.


Oceania’s Worlds 2021 spot has gone to a brand-new organization. Despite coming into the LCO playoffs as the lowest seed, PEACE has run through the entire Lower Bracket to claim their first Oceanic title. Their final two matches were also done in 3-0 sweep fashion against the likes of Dire Wolves and In their first year as a team, PEACE will get to try their hand at international competition.

PSG Talon

The second and final PCS squad that will attend the World Championships is PSG Talon. Their qualification was expected by all after a dominant 18-0 Summer Split. However, their thunder was stolen by Beyond Gaming in the Winners’ Finals. One clean sweep of J Team later and PSG Talon claimed their rightful place at Worlds 2021. The Grand Finals rematch against BYG will determine who takes first seed and a spot in the Group Stage.

RED Canids

The CBLOL Summer Playoffs have crowned RED Canids as kings. The Canids only narrowly snuck into the post-season as their 10-8 record slotted them into sixth seed. Despite this, RED was able to sweep Flamengo Esports in round one before beating Vorax Liberty 3-1 in semis and Rensga Esports 3-1 in the finals. This will be the first Worlds appearance RED Canids as an organization and for this core aside from TitaN.


For the second consecutive year, Rogue was the first team to qualify for the 2021 World Championship. The LEC’s criteria for Worlds qualification was simply to finish the Summer Playoffs in the top three. With their round one win over Misfits Gaming, Rogue locked in their ticket. Unfortunately, Rogue’s playoff run came to a halt against Fnatic who dealt them a 0-3 loss. Rogue is now locked into Europe’s third Worlds seed and will have to start in the Play-Ins.

Royal Never Give Up

The defending Mid-Season Invitational champions will be making an appearance at the 2021 World Championships. RNG came into the Summer Playoffs as a contender for the title. Unfortunately, their first match saw them upset by LNG, causing RNG to fall out of playoffs instantly. Their high Championship points still placed RNG at the top of the Regional Finals. A single 3-0 sweep of Team WE was all they needed to secure the LPL’s third seed at Worlds.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid will be returning to Worlds for their fourth consecutive year. After their playoffs victory over TSM, Liquid was able to narrowly edge out 100 Thieves 3-2 to earn a spot in the LCS Championship Finals. Despite looking poised to take home their fifth LCS trophy, Liquid was no match for 100 Thieves in the rematch. Liquid slotted into North America’s second seed for Worlds 2021 after a disappointing 0-3 Finals loss.


T1’s playoff win over Gen.G booked them a place in the LCK Summer Finals. The 100 minimum Championship Points from this feat put T1 at third place overall, guaranteeing Faker’s return to Worlds. Unfortunately for T1, their loss to DWG KIA in the Finals has placed them in the last match of the regional qualification gauntlet. After an incredibly tight 3-2 victory over Hanwha, T1 has locked in Korea’s third seed. They will get to start their Worlds 2021 campaign in the Group Stage.

Unicorns of Love

The Unicorns of Love have retained their dominance over the LoL Continental League. After an unexpected upset at the hands of CrowCrowd in their first Summer Playoffs match, UOL managed to fight through the Lower Bracket. A pair of 3-2 wins over One Breath Gaming and CC in the Finals rematch has netted UOL their insane fifth consecutive LCL trophy. As a result, UOL will attend their third straight Worlds.

Those are all the teams that have qualified for Worlds 2021. Stay tuned at Hotspawn for updates and more Worlds coverage.