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Vetheo: “In Europe, there are not a lot of good mid laners”

Tom Matthiesen

Misfits Gaming’s start to the League of Legends European Championship has come with mixed results. With three wins and two losses, the team hovers in the middle of the pack after the second week of the Spring Split. Mid laner Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié has clear goals for 2022, though. He not only wants Misfits to make it to Worlds—he wants to be the LEC’s best mid laner by the time they do so.

Vetheo aims to be the best mid laner in the LEC by the end of the year. (Image courtesy of Michal Konkol for Riot Games)

Vetheo aims to be the best mid laner in the LEC by the end of the year. (Image courtesy of Michal Konkol for Riot Games)

Vetheo joined us for a chat after his team defeated Excel Esports. He talked about his changed role on Misfits, going from rookie in 2021 to one of the most-seasoned players on his lineup in 2022. Vetheo also shared his thoughts on the strength of European mid laners compared to those from China and South Korea, and how he seeks to surpass his rivals this year.

Hotspawn: Welcome Vetheo, and congrats on the victory! Misfits looked quite chaotic in the first week of the Spring Split, but against Excel you guys seemed much more composed. Did it feel that way too?

Vetheo: I think we had a good plan going into the game. We know that we’re outscaling them. We knew exactly what to do. The only way we lose this game was at the fourth drake, because it was soul point for them. I think we should have contested for the third drake already, but we had some issues there. But aside from that, I didn’t feel like we could lose this game.

Hotspawn: With Shlatan, Neon, and Mersa, you have three new players on Misfits, so there is a big learning curve for the team. What were your takes from the opening week?

Vetheo: I think we showed good things and we showed how we want to play the game, but we were a bit shaky in the early game. We sometimes lost it in the lanes. I think everyone got solo-killed at least once in the first week. [Laughs] But when it comes to teamfights and we have the right composition, we showed that we can be a good team.

Hotspawn: While Neon has experience playing in the LEC, on Misfits specifically you’re suddenly one of the “veterans” despite it being only your second year in the league. Is that weird?

Vetheo: It’s a bit strange. I played for one year in the LFL [French league], one year in the LEC, and I’ve always been the rookie, the new mid laner that you don’t expect a lot from. Just win your lane and play good in the teamfights. Now it’s my second year, so I would not say I’m a rookie anymore, but I’m still 19. I need to step up a bit in the comms for the team, I would say. That doesn’t feel bad. I think that can help me to learn new things and become a better player than I am right now. I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Hotspawn: It must be very different to have to pay attention to the entire map all of a sudden, so you can guide your team. How is that going?

Vetheo: In scrims, for example, I focus way more on communication than on laning, which I was focusing on last year. I am a way better laner than I was last year. I can see the improvements in my communication. We did a bootcamp in December and after that we scrimmed for three or four weeks. I can see myself getting better. I’m working hard on it, so I’m really happy that I’m improving.

Hotspawn: About your laning: Caedrel still said you were ‘Chovy-ing’ your lane, so that’s still definitely on point. [Laughs]

Vetheo: [Laughs] Yeah. I think I have always been good in teamfights, but I had issues in the lane. I was losing a lot of them. Now, I have a plan for every lane. I have stuff that helps me to become a really good laner. In Europe, there are not a lot of good mid laners, but Asian mid laners are really good. If I want to face the best Asian mid laners, I need to be the best laner in Europe.

Hotspawn: Inspired told us last year that he watches a lot of LPL and LCK VODs to improve. What do you do aside from solo queue and scrims to improve your laning?

Vetheo: I watch a lot of League and I play a lot. I watch all LCK games and some LPL games. I watch the solo queue VODs of the best mid laners. Because I play a lot, I can see how the matchups go. Every matchup I play at least once, so I know what I can do to improve when I review my lane. Now, with the experience I got from last year, I think I can have a plan for every lane. It won’t be perfect the first time, but after playing it a few more times and watching VODs, it gives me a good idea of how to play the lane.

Hotspawn: What do LEC mid laners do wrong, in your opinion?

Vetheo: I think the top LEC mid laners are world-contenders, but the lower LEC mid laners will get smashed by any LCK mid laner. I think the league there is really stacked. The LCK mid laners that are on teams that aren’t good, are still really good individually. Because everyone is so good, they just keep getting better and better. In EU, I think that is missing. I think we have very good players, but we don’t have as many. We’ve had Caps for so many years, but he was a bit alone. Now there is Humanoid, Perkz is coming back, Larssen… But yeah, there is a difference.

Hotspawn: So in Europe, mid laners don’t have the same level of competition to keep driving each other forward?

Vetheo: Yeah, I think so.

Hotspawn: For the final topic: Last year, Misfits was one game away from reaching Worlds, in the Summer Split Playoffs upper bracket. Still, as we discussed, you grew a lot. Aside from becoming better at communication, what do you want to achieve for yourself?

Vetheo: I have a lot of goals. For the end of the year, I would say, I want to make Worlds.

Hotspawn: Right, every team wants to make Worlds. [Laughs]

Vetheo: [Laughs] I mean, I’ve missed it once and I was so close. But I knew that I will be a way better player this year than I was last year. If I was that close before, I don’t see why I won’t make it now. It’s still a team game, so I can’t do everything, but I think it’s possible. For me, I want to be the best at the end of the year. That is my personal goal.

Hotspawn: The best mid laner in the LEC?

Vetheo: Yeah.

Hotspawn: How realistic do you think that is? Not to put you down or anything, of course, but you already mentioned great mid laners in the LEC like Caps, Larssen, and Humanoid.

Vetheo: I mean, I don’t feel like they are more talented than I am. They don’t work harder than I work. They just are way more experienced. Now that I am getting the experience, and if I keep working harder, I think I can manage to do it.

Hotspawn: I love the confidence. Thanks for joining, Vetheo!

Vetheo: Thank you!

Misfits Gaming plays its next LEC match on Friday, January 28th, at 10 PM CET against G2 Esports. You can watch the game live on the official LoL Esports site.