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Trymbi: “Rogue Is By Far The Best Team I Could Work With”

Tom Matthiesen

In a few days, the LEC kicks off its 2021 Spring Split with ten teams fighting to be crowned Europe’s best. Among them, a renewed Rogue. The team that surprised many during the 2020 Summer Split and was one of the representatives at the World Championship in Shanghai has made two changes to its roster heading into the season, hoping to make it to the absolute top.

Trymbi rogue

Trymbi is confident in his skills, but realizes he’ll need time to flourish.

One of the new faces on Rogue’s roster is their new support player, Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus. After playing one Split on AGO Rogue, Rogue’s academy team playing in the Polish UltraLiga, he has already been promoted to the main roster. Trymbi joined us to talk about getting used to the motions that come with playing on an LEC team, how important being confident is in order to perform, and what his growth path looks like on Rogue.

Hotspawn: Welcome Trymbi, good to have you! The LEC starts in just a few days—are you excited yet?

Trymbi: I’m for sure excited about it. I mean, I didn’t really think about it a lot recently. We had a lot of work to do, and even had media days. There was a lot going on. But yeah, I’ll for sure start getting nervous in a few days.

I used to be a person that was completely shy.

Hotspawn: Did you have to get used to the media days? At the LEC level, they can be quite extensive.

Trymbi: Yeah definitely. I kind of had media days before, obviously, but you can’t compare those media days to the LEC one. It’s actually insane how much work you have to put in to make it actually look good, you know? The people behind it are really insane. The amount of time they put into making each and every one of us look good is unbelievable. There are a lot of photoshoots. I mean, it was enjoyable for me, even though I was exhausted right after for sure. I had a lot of fun and people were really nice to me. They tried to help me the best way they could, so I really appreciate their effort.

Hotspawn: You also did media training with Rogue to get used to being in the spotlight. How was that?

Trymbi: It was fine. I was getting used to it already, but obviously not at this scale. I would say that it didn’t take that much time for me to adjust. I used to be a person that was completely shy. It was really hard for me to be consistent with giving interviews. But after all this time that I’ve spent in esports, I feel like it just makes you more comfortable and more confident. Obviously, if you’re winning it’s also going to help with your confidence. My self-confidence is for sure higher than it used to be.

Hotspawn: Is that confidence important to you? If you’re not as confident, does your performance quickly drop?

Trymbi: I feel like confidence is a big part for me. Without it, I feel like it’s not the same thing, and I would do things differently if I would be confident. Obviously, it’s really easy to lose it. When you look at last year, my Spring Split was not the best. The Spring Split was a complete disaster. I lost of confidence in that Split. Right now, it’s hard for me to think that I’d lose my confidence because of random losses though. I’ll be honest: I don’t think we’ll go 4-14 in this Split. [laughs] I’m pretty confident in my skills, and that I’ll be able to perform well.

Hotspawn: I think few people will predict Rogue going 4-14 for this Split. [Laughs]

Trymbi: Oh there for sure will be people who will do that. But I don’t mind that. Just let them be.

Hotspawn: You joined AGO Rogue just last Split, and already you’ve been promoted to the main roster. Can you walk me through that process of joining AGO Rogue?

Trymbi: Well, after I left SK Gaming [Prime] we didn’t have much to do during the offseason, obviously. I only had a one Split contract with SK, so I was looking for offers. Back then, I was mostly playing solo queue. I’ll be honest: I didn’t even think that I could get an offer from AGO Rogue. I was thinking about joining other ERLs. I didn’t have many offers, obviously, after the bad Split with SK.

At the end of the offseason, when I was already thinking of joining another team, I got the option of joining AGO Rogue. Blumigan [Rogue Assistant Coach] had been watching me for a while, and he had been trying to find out whether I’m good or not. People in the UltraLiga still thought that I could be one of the best supports in the league, and I thought so as well, so even after the disaster Split people still had faith in me. Sharkz was the Head Coach of AGO Rogue, which was a big deciding factor for me to join the team, since I used to work with him.


Clad in blue and orange, Trymbi will try to conquer Europe with Rogue. (Photo courtesy Rogue)

Hotspawn: Joining the LEC is quite a big step for players to make, and it comes with quite a lot of buzz surrounding your name. How is it for you to already have those eyes on you?

Trymbi: I’d for sure rather be the person that no-one looks at—

Hotspawn: Really? Why?

Trymbi: Well, you know, it’s the underdog thing. No-one looks at you then, so you can just do whatever you feel is the best thing to do. But for now I don’t feel the pressure. Maybe the only pressure I could feel is that I am taking the spot of Vander, who is one of the best supports in Europe for sure. I guess that could create some pressure, but I don’t know. I feel like the people that should know that I am good, know that I am. I just want to show the best version of myself and become better and better. So I don’t really mind that people are trying to find out if I’m good or not. There will be a lot of people who’ll be talking about my play. For sure, there will be pressure, but I’ll just have to get used to it.

Rogue is by far the best team I could work with

Hotspawn: You’ve played with your team for a few weeks now, scrimming against other teams and getting to know each other. How has it been to develop that synergy?

Trymbi: Rogue is by far the best team I could work with. This team has so much experience in the LEC and I’m the newcomer, so I need to work on things that I did not pay much attention on in the past. I think that it’s looking ok. I have ‘int days’, but I’m just trying to find myself. I’m a person that needs to get comfortable with everything and try to get along with everyone. I’m a trustworthy person, but I try to make people trust me as well. I try to make people as comfortable as possible. It obviously takes time to show them that they can actually trust me and that I’m good.

I just hope that I’ll play the way I play in scrims

So it’ll take time, and I will not play the best League of Legends right now, but I think I’m doing quite ok. The scrims are obviously way harder than the ones in ERLs. I’ll be honest: sometimes I’m just getting punished hard for little mistakes that I would never get punished for before. That is something I’ll need to work on. But as I said, it’s looking quite nice. Scrims are kind of ‘fake data’ since people don’t play the same on-stage as they do in scrims. They shouldn’t but it’s always like this. I just hope that I’ll play the way I play in scrims, so I can take the lessons I learn from scrims and use them in the competition.

Hotspawn: To round up the interview, is there anything you’d like to say to the Rogue fans anticipating your debut in the LEC this upcoming weekend? Or is there something else you’d like to say, perhaps to other fans?

Trymbi: Well, I’d like to say how insane it is that four of the five players who played on AGO Rogue got to the LEC this year. It’s so insane. In almost half of the games, I’ll play versus a person that I got to work with last year. Actually, it’s gonna be in half of the games. I worked with Aagie before, who is now an analyst on MAD Lions. So it for sure will be really exciting to play versus them. It’s actually insane that I can be a part of it.

For every person that supports us as a team: You might think that it was a weird decision to replace Vander with me, but I really hope that I can prove that I’m worth being here. At least, that’s something I want to prove for myself. I want to prove that I actually deserve to be here. I think I do, but I need to show it in the gameplay as well. I really hope we’re gonna show good League of Legends.

Rogue play their first match against Excel Esports on Friday, November 22nd, at 8 PM CET.