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Misfits Gaming Sell LEC Slot to Team Heretics

Izabela Tomakic

Based in Berlin, Misfits Gaming has been competing in the LEC, the European League of Legends league, since 2016. Although Misfits Gaming was generally a middle-of-the-pack team that normally secured their spot in the playoffs with little to no trouble, they usually fell short in the semi-finals and finals, finishing the split without a title in their hands. This year has been no exception, with Misfits currently sharing fourth place with Team Rogue.

misfits lec

Image Credit: Misfits Gaming

The news about the organization leaving the League of Legends esports scene and selling their spot in the LEC was shared with the public on July 27th, and came as a surprise to everyone. The announcement was particularly shocking as it seemed Misfits finally landed first-class players with high cohesiveness, developed a clear-cut identity, and discovered the winning formula that would guarantee them a spot in the semi-finals and finals.

On top of that, the only team that found itself in similar shoes last year and eventually sold its LEC spot to Team BDS was Schalke 04. However, Schalke 04 struggled over the years to keep up with the competition, and usually finished the splits in the last spot with only a few wins in their pocket.

Team Heretics Will Replace Misfits Gaming in the LEC

According to the official press release, Misfits Gaming is leaving the League of Legends professional league altogether, and selling its LEC spot for the 2023 season, after an extensive selection process, to Team Heretics. Team Heretics is a popular Spanish organization that has ruled over the League of Legends Spanish leagues since 2016. Since the  League of Legends European Championship is one of the most competitive League of Legends’ regions, Team Heretics will definitely have to roll up their sleeves to stay shoulder to shoulder with veterans like G2 and Fanatic.

However, Team Heretics leaves an impression of an already promising team that could step up their game, match the League of Legends titans and possibly represent Europe at the League of Legends World Championship. However, we can’t see the future, and only time will tell what Team Heretics has in store for us. 

What Does the Future Hold for Misfits Gaming?

Misfits Gaming revealed that their final season in League of Legends’ will be this one. Although they are essentially leaving League of Legends esports, Misfits Gaming Group will still continue their performances in the Overwatch League (as the Florida Mayhem), the Call of Duty League (as the Florida Mutineers), and VALORANT’s VCT. On top of that, Misfits Gaming Group will gradually shift its focus toward supporting and funding content creators that can significantly contribute to the further growth and evolution of their business.

When it comes to their players, they will wrap up this season still under the banner of Misfits Gaming. However, as soon as the season comes to an end, their contracts will expire, and they will become free agents, ready and open to new challenges. This decision also extends to the Misfits Academy team, which at the moment sits in fifth place of the French regional league, the LFL. Although Misfits is laying off these incredibly talented and hard-working players, they will surely help them and mediate the selection process to assure the best possible outcome and future for them.